TVEAI 3x.. Presets V1, V2

what is the main difference between the v1 and v2? where should I expect the change?

Today is the end of the creation of presets for TVEAI 3x.
There will be no version 3 of the presets, it is not planned. Have fun with version 1 and 2 :slight_smile:

I tested v2 and I love the 8mmto4K… it works very good upscaling my 8mm to 1080p.
it is a bit blurry compared to your 8KUltraHD/Bluray4K v1 preset, so I found that by taking the sharpness and Deblur settings of 8KUltraHD/Bluray4K and putting them into the 8mmto4K preset it’s a winning preset for my 8mm -to- 1080p upscale.
Sharpness from 22 I bumped it to 30
DeBlur from 25 I bumped it to 80

I found it produces clean videos and pretty clear. I might reduce a bit the DeBlur on videos where the faces are distort, that way you won’t notice it so much because of the blur padding.

for me the two winning presets that I now only use is 8KUltraHD/Bluray4K v1 & 8mmto4K.
I might combine it to one preset (like i mentioned above - sharpness/DeBlur from 8KUltraHD/Bluray4K incorporated into 8mmto4K ) and only use this one.

any one that has older videos (SD/VHS/8mm, etc.) I urge you to give those a shot as for me, it produced an amazing outcome.

@TomaszW Thank you very much for your work and sharing!!!


Thanks for making this for us but I found it useless because you cant add this to topaz labs and no were do you explain how to add these settings to the software and there is no option I can find to add these settings. Thanks but a waste of time whejn you don’t provide the (HOW) to install these settings.

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I found this posted on another site in Zip form with a proper explanation, why you would use Json files is beyond me. I had to reach out to customer service, glad I found it on another site.

@ hugedownload
I think you misunderstanding those files. the JSON are there for you to have zero effort to use the presets. it just drag and drop and you have them ready made on your preset list in TVAI UI.
to use the preset all you need to do is copy the files (JSON) to “%programdata%\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video AI\presets” (i.e. C:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video AI\presets).
that’s it you good to go… no need to open the files, read the values, manually configure it, etc. just simple copy paste…
Hope that was a help…


P.S. make sure TVAI is not running in the background when you copy the files :slight_smile:


Only just discovered these and am looking forward to giving them a try!

Do they work properly for version 3.1.10?

I Just used DVDto1080 v1 and it still works on 3.1.10.

from technical prospective, it works with any version.
results might vary in case Topaz decides to tweak the values of each filter to result different results then before.

For example: if “remove noise” value of “1” would remove noise at a certain strength and you increment the values expecting a a certain results based on what you increased (or decreased). and topaz decides to tweaks in future versions that “remove noise” value of “1” now removes more noise then before or removes less noise then before, so the numbers you used to use up until now would results differently then what you used to get.
I don’t know if topaz changes those type of things, but it is a potential change you should be aware of. and if it will be changed, you will need to re-tweaks the values you used to use to adopt the changes to get the same results you were used to get.

Yes, I tried it last night and got really good results.

The reason I ask is that I have just started using the program. I don’t know exactly how the settings work, so I wanted to get some ideas.

Hey guys, i’m back :slight_smile:
Now the new update for Proteus for new version 4 - 1080p to 4K here:
ProteusV4_1080to4K .zip (844 Bytes)


what is the difference between the two Proteus? is it so much different?

Hi! I was wondering if this preset works well for modern 1080p anime? :slight_smile:

for Anime I would suggest Gaia CG AI.

Hello @Akila ,

I created a “presets” folder in the directory you wrote (specifically I:\Programs\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video AI\presets since I installed Topaz Labs on a different drive than you did), I dropped the .jsons into the folder, then I restarted my computer, but I do not see the presets in the drop down menu. Am I missing something?

Thank you!

that is because the preset folder is not located where you install Topaz Video AI.
the preset folder is on your C drive , " ProgramData" folder. and you shouldn’t need to create a folder, it’s already there. if you see you need to create the folder, it means you are at the wrong location.

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I am surprised that Topaz installed things on my C drive. I thought I set both directors to my much larger L drive. You are spot on, I see the directory now. Thank you for helping a noob out!

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they do some basic stuff on C drive, that parent folder on C drive takes little space.