Gigapixel v6.3.3

No worries, Was just thinking that since you yourself said you searched and found this quote it would perhaps have been convenient to keep the link “around” since this particular subject seems to be a rather hot one atm

In hindsight certainly but alas sorry no

Found it - it was easier than I thought it would be, but typing in “coming months” in the searchbox got me here:

That’s brilliant thank you

What wild claims? You mean poor results? Hardly a wild claim.

I see you are not such a fan of Topaz either "It is a sad situation we are in and even though I am still here I would NOT use the two current products for production. This “chasing the ultimate AI” is simply not suitable for use, they should take an example from other image processing applications and use AI to boost their original applications.

The abandonment of applications just shows that there is no direction and respect for their user base."

Or from reading in the forum that people don’t know that TPAI can be used as a plugin from Photoshop and you are able to change the settings of denoise, enhance and sharpen by yourself and that you are able to change the AI models and that you can set how the Autopilot does react to your images in the Preferences.

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Just doing an x4 upscale in Gigapixel, it is a portrait, I notice on the preview that the face is very blurred, even the eyes. This is because Face recovery being selected but why is it blurring the face so much?

If I turn FR off then it sharpens the face, too much. All,I want is the image enlarging not changing.

The saved image has gone grey, I had this issue before. Does GP work on dng files? Tried Tiff which is better but the colours are shifting towards red even though it saved to source setting.

Face recovery is designed for repairing tiny faces only.
For high resolution face, you should disable Face Recovery.

Why is it selecting a face that is quite large, around 20% of the image?

Yes I deselected it but it over sharpening then.

The colours are shifting as well.

Both on Tiff and DNG but with different results.

Thought I would change my GPU drivers to studio. But it would not run x4 upscale on HQ. On x2 Standard it was quick about 10 seconds.

4x Standard, did not work either, just exits without saving.


For all who have been asking, Topaz just announced a couple of exciting things!

Gigapixel 7 is coming mid-January ($99 pre-order), and through the 31st you can save 25% off Photo AI and Video AI separately (not bundled)!


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Where did they announce that? What’s the goal of gigapixel 7 if we have Photo AI? What are other exciting things? Is the price not too high just for Gigapixel?

Announced just yesterday via email, and you can see it listed on the Topaz website as well.

There didn’t seem to be any beta test so we haven’t been able to A/B with Photo AI yet, so I’m looking forward to see what’s new and how the results compare.

The lack of bundles excited some people who didn’t want bundles :wink:

As for Gigapixel pricing, I don’t recall its previous standalone price.

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If I recently bought Gigapixel, will 7 be a free upgrade or not?

Log into your account for details. If it’s not clear there, contact Support.

It wants $99 but it wants money also for Sharpen AI but I already have that.

So it is not working.

I’m thinking your recent purchase would have an upgrade time frame attached to it (a year?), but only Support can confirm.

Yes it does, says October 2024.

That’s encouraging :wink: