Gigapixel v6.3.3

I’m not Topaz staff.

I agree there are many issues with Photo AI. I prefer the stand alone software rather than PAI.

You can contact Topaz support directly, this is just a user forum.

Hi Aaron. Topaz hasn’t discontinued Gigapixel AI, in fact the opposite and have stated there will be an update in the coming weeks.

As for DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI, Topaz will no longer be developing these applications.

Having said that all three apps Gigapixel, DeNoise and Sharpen AI in their current form are still up-to-date and work absolutely brilliantly, Indeed dare I say magical.

Hope this helps clarify things for you

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Hi. When the team or support informed you that there will be new updates? Because for the moment we see none since 6.3.3, some time at the beginning I probably said to myself that he prepares version 7 and in the end there is absolutely nothing.

Where what how, which model, at what settings, with which pictures?

BTW, this is the difference between Gigapixel and PhotoAI with the standard model at the same settings.

The brighter the more differences there are.

The differences are there, but in detail they speak more for the quality of PhotoAI.

Photo AI

PhotoAI is a little blurrier?
Yes, you have the choice of adding sharpen or denoise, or you can work with the settings of the enhance filter itself.
You have a lot more options for your own individual wishes when you use PhotoAI.

This option is not available with Gigapixel.

Gigapixel AI

This is what the difference filter looks like when you place two completely different images on top of each other.

As you can see above, the differences between PhotoAI and Gigapixel are very small.

I checked my emails and Topaz stated " > > Gigapixel AI was discontinued this year and has not been updated in some time".

That was a few weeks ago.

What really bugs me is that PhotoAI has better chromatic aberration removal than DxO PhotoLAB 7.X.X with Deep Prime Xtreme Detail, even though DxO says they have thousands and thousands of camera lens combinations.

For various reasons I prefer to use PhotoLab for RAW denoise.

But I’m looking forward to the next RAW denoise update from PhotoAI.

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Hi, it certainly was the case that Topaz was no longer supporting or updating Gigapixel along with DeNoise and Sharpen AI.

However, the Topaz team has reported in the past few days or week ago on this very forum, that there will be an update for Gigapixel AI soon.

As I understand it there has been a turnaround perhaps a change of mind, because so many users still want a more hands on approach, more manual control over their software.

Perhaps someone from Topaz could clarify this for us, I’m afraid I can’t, I’m just a user like you with their fingers crossed and hoping.


Hi, again I’ve managed to find the original query from the forum about purchasing Topaz Photo AI or the individual applications and the response from the Topaz team from five days ago.

Hi, would you please confirm if Photo AI does everything that each of the individual apps do. If not, what is the ETA for this to occur? Also, what are the additional benefits of the (no longer developed) individual apps - Gigapixel AI, DeNoise AI & Sharpen AI?

I am trying to decide whether to buy Photo AI, or the individual apps, or both.

Response from Topaz Labs (Justin Hedrick):

Topaz Photo AI was created to ultimately replace all of the individual applications you’ve listed but many of our users still prefer to have these applications for their own workflows, typically when integrating with Photoshop or Lightroom. Ultimately, it’s a personal preference.*

You are correct that DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI will no longer be receiving updates but Gigapixel AI will be in the coming months, with more information to be released soon.

Hope this helps

Hi, please read my reply to Hbie Ray


That is good because I can’t get upscale to work on my system.

Results from PAI, so far have been poor.

I prefer the stand alone software.

Photo AI is standalone or plugin as GigaPixel AI is.

Well I meant Sharpen AI, DeNoise AI and Gigapixel not PAI.

Just show.

All the people who write that TPAI is bad should also be able to justify this.

Nobody can make sense of ‘its bad’.

After all, you are also in a position to assess that TPAI would be bad.

Slowly, from conversations with people who are not in the forum, I have the feeling that it’s more about software names than the output itself.

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This forum is full of posts about problems with PAI.

That doesn’t mean anything. I don’t have 1/50th of the issues that folks who complain have and can’t replicate 95% of what gets posted as a “problem”.


So if I put a load of images up, it won’t make any difference then,

I think you should stop making wild statements without proof, you also should stop making posts about things you don’t know about … e.g. saying Lightroom has layers was just the latest. Your statements should simply provide examples and also credibility from your experience.


Would you mind linking to this “original query” for reference?
This piece of news is interesting, but unless one can read that post any other comment referring to it will kind of stay hearsay…
(Noo offence meant to you - I just wanted to refer to the quoted statement and realized I’d be just another “step in the chain”)

Hi Gosa. I’ll certainly search and have a look for you but as you can imagine it’s going to be a daunting task.

Perhaps in the meantime you could contact Justin Hedrick at Topaz Labs and ask him yourself