Gigapixel v6.3.3

Basically, Gigapixel, has been discontinued. Support said use Photo AI but that does not work on my system for the enlargement part.

Just been using v6.3.3 on some colour portraits and they are all coming out grey, looks like a grey layer has been added over them, colours look desaturated as well.

Photo AI, is better but there is a colour shift towards red. Also adding grey to darker areas, as under the eyes.

Also sharpening has been applied, even though I have turned everything off.

I don’t want sharpening added at this stage, I also want full control over it.

V6.3.3 is not usable for me. But seems I can’t download my previous version.

When going back to a previous version it’s probably best to uninstall first and then delete any leftover Gigapixel folders from your ProgramFiles, AppData and ProgramData folders.

Thanks Alan, but can you delete? I had problems removing other versions, says can’t find. This has been reported in previous posts.

When adding an older version, it overwrites the current one, I found. Can’t have 2 versions at the same time, unlike Topaz DeNoise.

Just checked and Gigapixel 6.3.3 is not listed in my programs but 5.3.2 is but can’t be removed, as does not exist. Bizarre.

I do recall there being problems with some uninstallers if overwritten. In that case you just have to manually delete the Gigapixel folders I stated in my last post (you’ll need to show hidden folders). Then use the control panel uninstall option for Gigapixel and allow it to remove itself from the control panel list when it asks. Finally delete any shortcuts from your start menu.

This should be clean enough to do an install with whatever version you want to use.

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Have been trying Photo AI instead of Gigapixel but not keen on it. It is changing the colours, sharpening and blurring, even with all the settings turned off and just doing upscaling.

Even with AutoPilot disabled, it goes through all the processes.

End result the enlarged images are not the same as the starting image.

Easy to see on the screen with the images side by side even small sizes.

Feel Photo AI needs far more development.

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I did manage to download v5.3.2 in the end, had to remove v6.3.3, why is there no uninstall feature?

Had to find hidden files and delete.

Then v5.3.2 did download properly and I could use it.

Did the same B&W image, x2, and there was no colour artefacts added, so it is just on the later versions.

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I agree. I upscale quite a few old maps. Using GP no issues. But every time I use PAI - I get poor results. I even have spent way too much time trying every possible thing with PAI. GP is just way better, without even trying.

I have a question, or maybe also some sort of advice, as to the enlarging workflow you folks use when it comes to smaller images to resize. I usually enlarge to roughly 9 megapixels. By the way, I have repeatedly suggested that, apart from “scale”, “height” and “width” a “megapixel” selector be added to the GPAI interface but never got an answer from Topaz.

Okay, now I have a picture of about 0.3 megapixels, say 640 x 480. Those pictures, when from the web, are often packed with artefacts and sometimes oversharpened.

I have found that one-pass enlarging often takes some, if not most, of the artefacts with it into the result. So I have settled to the following workflow:

Pass 1: Enlarge by scale 4.00. AI model: Standard, suppress noise: 0, remove blur: 0, fix compression: 50 for pictures with little compression artefacts, 100 for those with strong JPEG blocking. That will blow most of the unwanted artefacts away, leaving me with a relativeley clean picture of about 5 megapixels

Pass 2: Enlarge to the final resolution, that is, using a factor of about 1.25 to 1.5. Model either standard or HQ with the settings that look best in comparison window - that depends on the quality and style of the original picture.

Is there anybody using a similar two-pass workflow? I have found that to be significantly superior to what a one-pass procedure delivers, especially when it comes to feeding low quality input to GPAI. For example, there are pages that have previews in 640x480 but won’t let you have a larger version or, if so, with a watermark. Try the described workflow on one of those preview images and you’ll be amazed. :blush:

How can I launch the latest version of Gigapixel from Photoshop Elements 2024?

Please check with support by raising a support request at the main website as I am not sure that PSE supports Automate plugins. It cannot be installed under the filter menu.

Are you sure, I read people are using various plugins on PSE, such as Nik Efex.

But does Gigapixel work as a plugin?

I don’t believe PSE supports automation so you cannot expand/contract the canvas externally and that means it wont work in PSE. Note it will NOT work as a filter, as it doesn’t in PS etc.

Nik plugins do not enlarge and Nik Efex HDR only works on the final product as a filter.

No, Gigapixel does not work as a plugin. You need to use it as a stand alone, drag your images in there and then process them.

I did not understand your terminology about automate.

If you understand about Photoshop, I assume you do because you are answering a question about GigaPixel plugin here, you can only access GigaPixel through File → Automate and not through the Filter menu.

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I’d really hate to think they’re dropping Gigapixel. Gigapixel consistently outperforms photo AI with everything I work on. It would make no sense for them to discontinue the superior software in exchange for the inferior one.

I was about to renew my upgrades for Gigapixel but not bother for Photo AI since photo AI really doesn’t do a good enough job to warrant being renewed. Are they just not going to update Gigapixel even if they take my money?


I think Gigapixel is very dead, because since 6.3.3 not news version or bêta :frowning:

@alexander.zhang Hello to you, to the team behind Gigapixel, we no longer have any news of a new version or of the software simply, why are you informing us of nothing, we who are your customers on this software? For months and months, since 6.3.3 we haven’t given you any news. Is this normal? Is Gigapixel really dead and buried? If this is the case because Photo AI has arrived, I find it really incomprehensible, because making Photo AI does not prevent those who prefer Gigapixel from continuing to create a new version of the software. Besides, I and many of us prefer this software, Photo AI will never exceed Gigapixel, in terms of quality.
Please, we would like to have a response from the team behind this software if a new version has been in the works for several months? or if the software is really dead? Thank you for your response because you no longer announce anything since 6.3.3 and I don’t find that correct of you while we pay for your company’s software licenses. Sincerely

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It is discontinued software. All the development is on Photo AI. Topaz staff told me so.

Why they still selling it and saying upgrades for one year, I don’t know.

You can use upscaling in Photo AI, if you have it.

Thanks for your answer, but Photo AI isn’t very better than Gigapixel sorry :frowning: