Gigapixel v5.2.3

Download: Windows | Mac

v5.2.0 (October 21, 2020): Windows | Mac

Major Features

  • New AI Model - “Compressed”. You can find it under the “Image Type” option in the right panel. This image type works best with photos that have a lot of artifacts, old family photos, and images downloaded from the internet
  • Whole New Look - Entire program has been given a UI overhaul to make it look more pleasing, as well as more consistent.
  • Crop your images using the new Crop Tool


  • Faster previewing and saving of images
  • File list is now collapsible, and you can now add images directly from the file list
  • Tutorials have been moved to the drop area on the starting screen


  • Multiple crashes have been fixed
  • Auto-detect settings should proc correctly when images are added / selected
  • Images should check / uncheck correctly in the file list
  • Tutorial panel should no longer show up when all opened images are unselected
  • When starting a trial, program should no longer incorrectly display that you have 0 days left on the trial
  • Login panel should no longer spin indefinitely if there’s a connection issue
  • “Original” label should now show correctly in single image view mode

Known Issues

  • When launched as a Photoshop plugin, assigning a color profile is sometimes required before the plugin will launch
  • Color shifting can be observed with certain images, particularly non-photographic images. We’re currently working on a new AI model that fixes this.
  • GPU image quality has artifacts not present when processing with just OpenVINO or CPU. We’re currently working on this, and will have a fix out soon.
  • When processing has been cancelled and auto-update preview is turned off, a smaller version of the previewed image will show up in the preview panel.
  • When in single image view mode and auto-update preview is turned off, the processed image will not show back up when mousing down on the previewed image
  • “Previewing…” overlay will flash on screen when auto-update preview is on and preview has already been processed

v5.2.1 (October 23, 2020): Windows | Mac


  • “Unable to Verify Ownership” dialog will now open the login screen instead of closing the application
  • “Use Discrete GPU” toggle will no longer say it’s on when it’s not. Previously, the toggle would suggest that GPU mode was turned on when the Preferences dialog was closed and re-opened

v5.2.2 (October 28, 2020): Windows | Mac


  • Update dialog can now be delayed by up to a month
  • The custom scale setting will now remember the last input value when restarted. Custom scale now defaults to 3.00


  • Application should no longer crash when an image with an unsupported color space is saved with “Preserve Source Profile”
  • Some of the dialog wording has been slightly tweaked

Note: This is the last version with support for MacOS 10.12 Sierra

v5.2.3 (November 4th, 2020): Windows | Mac

Major Features

  • Controls panel can now be docked to the left or right of the application. You’re left handed, consider switching to left-side docking from the Preferences dialog
  • GUI framework version has been updated. This is a backend change that should make the application more stable overall


  • “Zoom to Fit” is now disabled when the scaled image is above 7000 pixels, and the zoom level minimum has been capped at 50%. This is to prevent a large majority of the crashes we’ve been receiving, and should keep preview processing time down to a minimum.


  • “Auto-update preview” toggle sizing has been fixed
  • Processing with Face Refinement shouldn’t crash anymore on certain machines

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I can’t disable discrete GPU. I wan’t to use the CPU only mode to get the better results.


It looks like this is a UI only bug. If the “Allowed graphics memory consumption” button is greyed out in the Preferences then you’re using CPU mode.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll get this fixed for the next update.

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Great. I still wait for a response of the support to order another year of extension to my life time free upgrade and upgrades yet. Can’t wait. Edit: Got my extension! :smiley:


I love the new look. Very elegant. I hope this will also be implemented to the next DeNoise update.

It’ll be implemented in DeNoise, Sharpen, and Mask by the end of the year :slight_smile:


The right pane with the tutorial was annoying, IMHO. It gave the software a “Hobbyist” look. Now smaller at the bottom it’s more refined. The round edges of each section are elegant. Great job of the designers. Calibration is also extremely fast as opposed to previous versions.

The new “Compressed” AI model is not working for me. A “generating preview” message flashes for a split second and in the preview I am presented with the same image as before. I tried with both GPU and CPU mode. Moreover, when in CPU mode, I am getting a small version of the same image overlaid inside the big preview (screenshot below). Attached are also my settings.

My system specs: OS: Windows 10 version 2004 (build 19041.572), CPU: AMD Threadripper 3970x 32-core 4.50 Ghz, RAM: 64 GB DDR4 3600 Mhz, GPU: GeForce 1080 Ti 11GB, GPU driver version 452.06

UPDATE: I uninstalled the program and downloaded the full 2GB offline installer of version 5.2.0 from the Downloads section and then I installed it back. It seems to be working now! :slightly_smiling_face: Seems like the update process didn’t properly install the new version.


One display bug I found: The percentage is hidden by the processing details at the bottom

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I’m loving the results with the new Compressed AI model. Great update, thank you!


Gigapixel is my favorite image correction app ever – and I’ve used quite a few!

See some of my own examples on my blog, posted today.


A fresh coat of paint (UI change) is not a “major feature” in anyone’s world but Topaz Labs.


Just curious if anyone has thoughts/experience on what makes the most sense (and best quality) when it comes to using Gigapixel and stylized filters. Is it better to apply artistic/stylized filters before or after enlargement (Gigapixel)? Thoughts?

The issue I had with Gigapixel producing distorted output when OpenVINO was enabled is SOLVED! :smiley:

THANKS so much to whichever developer(s) looked at this and fixed it! :wink:


Downloaded and installed without any problems. Like the new look and the speed improvement.

"GPU image quality has artifacts not present when processing with just OpenVINO or CPU. "

Are this NEW artifacts - or the “old” artifact we have for a while like the “red-stripe bug” ?

I will wait until GPU quality issue is fixed before considering upgrading.

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  1. Installation was just fine, look is great - what is the display font?

  2. The preferences GPU toggle when disabled in favor of OpenVINO - when reopening the preferences pane (either in the same session or after an application restart), the toggle for GPU toggle remains on and the text “Allowed graphics memory consumption” is greyed out and the memory toggle is invisible. Unsure if the Gigapixel is running with both enabled or this is a CX glitch. Please advise. Can forward/post a screen view if desired.

  3. The AI model used in v4.4.6 is still producing OpenVINO superior results and especially DOES NOT introduce edge artifacts like every Gigapixel release AND Beta version since. Maybe this can be included like the Low Light mode of DeNoise which works great by the way. Cab discuss and provide images if desired.