Gigapixel v5.0.4

Download: Windows, Mac
Released August 5, 2020.

Major features

  • A crash reporter has been integrated into the application. When Gigapixel AI crashes and anonymous usage collection is on, a crash report will get automatically generated and uploaded to us for further review. This will vastly improve our ability to address stability issues across all of our applications.


  • UI icons related to view options have been updated in the main toolbar
  • Dialog icons have been updated


  • When saving JPG’s and TIFF’s, the PPI no longer gets overwritten with a default value

Hi @taylor.bishop

Downloading now :slight_smile:

I have a question…it may have been answered in the v5.0.3 thread? Someone raised the question of why include the Feedback Survey popping up at intervals…did you address that and if so is this something that is being left or dropped. Or indeed an Opt In?

In the EU we have what is called GDPR and in part that relates to improper acquisition of personal data ~ such an ‘obligatory’ survey might be in breach of GDPR?

PS I am still using v5.0.2 at this stage :slight_smile:
PPS with v4.4.5 as my fallback version :wink:

I have a question…it may have been answered in the v5.0.3 thread? Someone raised the question of why include the Feedback Survey popping up at intervals…did you address that and if so is this something that is being left or dropped. Or indeed an Opt In?

It’s easily dismissed and disabled - we’re not forcing users to provide feedback :slight_smile: I’ve actually added a couple scenarios in this update that’ll close the survey box, making it more uninterrupting of the workflow. No personal data is collected, besides the score you give and any additional feedback.

Taylor Bishop,

I’m writing here because I’ve not gotten a lot of joy with Support.

Supporting 32bit HDR - it doesn’t work at all and I really need this.

Please can you fix Gigapixel to handle correctly 32bit HDR files ?

Outputting them either to 32bit HDR as well, if not 32bit Tiff etc ?

Currently it doesn’t save anything, if you try to save to png or jpg (which defeats the purpose as I’ll then lose the 32bit advantage). If I try to "preserve source format’ it saves a teany tiny 1kb tiff file that is of course corrupt.

Many thanks.

Kindest regards,


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I suspect that GPxl does not handle 32 bit.
On my PC, a 32bit Radiance/HDR file gets
this dialog from Plugin GPxl …

Couldn’t Open GatherImageData Filter because …

This version of GPxl does not mis-report my RAW (NEF) file dimensions - both Standalone and Plugin.

You’re right it doesn’t - what is very confusing to an end user is that you can import one though. But when you do, it can’t handle it.

Shouldn’t be allowed to import files which can’t be handled, wasted a big bunch of time, including nearly 3 weeks of back and forth emailing to Support who weren’t very clued up (sorry, just being honest as it was all very frustrating).

You will soon learn that Topazlabs are reaching for the stars … and we love them for it :wink:

It’s a pity that they do not invest in something more substantial than just a very long ladder!!!
They have always been very underpowered.

Version 5.0.4 is not working properly. Less powerful than the previous versions

Please explain why it’s less powerful!

Im really upset that i downloaded this version, I now cannot specify dimensions and i hate that!! i need that feature for my use of the program, also the pictures look like they aren’t changing, im really really really not happy, i want the change dimension feature back, and so far 5 downloads of previous versions all show it to be gone!!! why!!???

Hi Chris,

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this - do you mean that you’re unable to change the PPI separate from the actual pixel dimensions of the image? Or that when you change the PPI it’s not resizing the image?

Hi bdekker, can you send me a screenshot of your Preferences panel? (File -> Preferences)

The bug where, when files are not checked, they still are processed still happens. I reported it for 5.0.3 but I don’t know if that is where it started or not.

In the scale section, under width and height, it had the options to change by =physical dimensions that gave me an input box and a drop down to choose cm, in, or pixels
directly under, adjacent to that, was another that allowed me to set pixels per. this was perfect for my 3d printing, and now that it is gone, Im having to resize in seperate programs to specific dimenions as well as still adjust pixels per in their program in order to do so, completely changes everything for my use

also to note, my pictures do not seem to change but very little, I had several projects lined up to work today and none of them seem much better where as before testing one of them i could see profound differences.
I tried to download previous versions to revert, but no luck, i just could kick myself for downloading the update

I used the Tutorial and was in search for the “Next” button for a few seconds, i would color it yellow so you can find it faster.

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Hi, thanks for your comment. My Preferences:
Quality: max. Enable GPU: yes. Graphics memory: high, Intel Open VINO: Yes or No? My graphics hardware: GeForce GTX 1650 Super.


65161611 new versions and still waiting a fix for the artifacts with GPU mode…

Hi all, a new version has been released. You can find the thread here.