Gigapixel v5.1.0

Download: Windows, Mac
Released August 12, 2020.

Major Features

  • Photoshop plugin support for Photoshop CC has been added on Windows and Mac. This is an automation plugin, so to use the plugin in Photoshop, go to “File -> Automate -> Topaz Gigapixel AI…”

Didn’t get any error message while installing, but the three files were not copied to the CC plug-in folder. I’ve manually copied them, but Ps is only recognising the beta version.

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Added a note in the beta thread - beta testers will need to nuke the GP beta plugins before installing the update. Thanks for the heads up!


I think you’ll need to be more specific about what we need to delete. Just the plug-ins folder for Gigapixel beta? What about the files we copied across to CC?

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Decided to go nuclear and removed both the beta and the new release (and deleted the files from the CC plug-in folder). Now working fine - thank you for getting it sorted.


God idea to start clean.

Gigapixel does not present “there is a update”. V5.0.3.0

It does say its the latest.

Are you on Mac or Window TPX?

Sry PC Windows 10.

We’ve had 5.0.4 and now 5.1.0 since then.

Yes, but it should show “there is a update” anyway.

Checking for update in says it is up to date. 5.1.0 is not show up yet. Just download the full installer from link at the top of page.

Looks like we’re having a few issues with the auto-updater - Should have a fix deployed momentarily. Will post here once it’s fixed.

You can still download the full installer at the top of this page, or at

Auto-updater should be fixed now.

Did a x6 upscale first, then used Undo in PS and then did a width + ppi upscale (effectively x5.95). I increased the GPU clock while the calculation was running. No error appeared but the last step (transferring data to PS at 100%) took long and then failed (GP process closed, no upscaled image in PS despite PS listing the GP step happening in its Undo list).

You mentioned “We’ve got an engine upgrade in the works that should drop in the next month or two” in the beta thread - is it going to address the severe banding on some images in GPU mode?
For example, this image:

The GPU result 4x in the newest GAI - it has lines all over her hair:

Photoshop-tested thru the plugin - the same banding:

Because of that, GPU mode is unusable in many cases for me… CPU mode with or without OpenVINO looks totally fine.
This bug is plaguing GAI at least from 4.5xx version of the program.

GPU specs:


I know these lines from SAI, in GPU mode.

I get the same horizontal banding in GPU mode too! It’s the reason I almost never use GPU mode. Please fix this, Topaz. AFAIK I had reported this problem several months ago through the support ticket system.

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Is there anyway to get Gigapixel to work in Photoshop 6?..that would be GREAT if possible.


At the end of the download, I got the following message.


Gigapixel 5.1 is not in my Photoshop File>Automate folder. However when earlier I download Gigapixel Ai Beta, I got the same message but it did load into my Automate folder.

What should I do?