Gigapixel v5.0.3

I have tried to install on OS X Catalina (latest version) on a 2015 MacBook Pro. During the install permission error prompts appear. Only out is to cancel the update. Anyone else on a Mac having install issues?

Hi Patricia,

These are the currently supported versions of Lightroom on Windows and Mac, for all Topaz products that have Lightroom support:

  • Lightroom 4-6
  • Lightroom CC 2015-2016
  • Lightroom CC 2019

If your version’s not on this list let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Also, let me know if you run into any issues using it with Lightroom. Note that if you’re on Mac, you’ll have to run Gigapixel at least once as standalone to get it to install the Lightroom plugin (annoying I know, but only need to do once unless you completely reinstall the software. No need to do it every update).

Taylor B.

Hi Chase,

We’ve attempted to make this survey as unintrusive as possible. You can permanently disable it after the first time it pops up, and it shouldn’t interrupt workflow. If you notice it getting in the way, definitely let me know.

As Imo and sumsar mentioned, disabling OpenVINO should make it crisper. We’ve got plans in the works to fix this issue permanently, but it will take some time.

Hi JesusSheep,

This is an issue with your resolution setting - our GUI framework has issues rendering correctly at higher resolutions (you’ll notice you have to scroll the right panel at higher resolutions, but not lower resolutions, which is counter-intuitive).

We’ve got an upgrade to the framework on our roadmap that should fix this.

Hi risingleo,

Do you by chance have Topaz Studio 2 installed on your machine? We’ve seen this issue before with users (typically related to a corrupted TS2 install) and have a help article that should fix the issue.

If that doesn’t work, definitely let me know. The easiest route is deleting the Topaz Labs LLC folder entirely and re-installing. Apologies for the frustration!

Thank you! I have LR6, so I’m happy to see it on this list. I won’t have a need for testing it until next week, but will let you know if I have any additional questions or concerns with that.

Are you suggesting the example shown for version 4.4.5 is crisper because it had OpenVINO turned off? Or, that there is a bug with OpenVINO in version 5.0.3?

Prior to today I’ve not had a situation where I only wanted to process around half of the images dumped into the list. What I found was that the program pays no attention to whether an image is selected - it processes them all in order.

In this instance I dumped them into the list as an easy way to see which ones were small, so I could process them only. My preference would have been to select the ones I didn’t want and remove them, but I haven’t found a way to do that. You have to x each one out individually and answer the cursed “Changes to this image have not been saved” dialog. If you are going to make us do that, please add a “Don’t show this again” option!

So, two problems. Selection doesn’t matter, and no way to batch delete.

Batch delete:
Taylor, there is a check box on the left side of each image. If the box is not checked, why does it get processed anyway? Unchecking the box should skip this image in the save process. Perhaps you can add that to an update.
I have done a number of images scaling with people in them and the latest release does an excellent job on most of them.

I noticed something interesting:

  • Original image, zoomed 4x:

  • “Treated” with stable

  • Processed with

options used:

options2 options1

Hmmm… OpenVINO seems to make image really sharp and introduces a bit of blue-ish artifacts in white parts in stable GP version, whereas turning it off in stable GP gets me results EXACT to the beta OpenVINO:

If turning OpenVINO off gives crisper result (mentioned above by @taylor.bishop), then either in beta the “boolean” of OpenVINO is “swapped”, or the libraries differ. :slight_smile:

Great observation, thanks.

I also noticed, that such kind of images totally isn’t friends with current Gigapixel… :wink:

I really hope for a model to take on such images. :slight_smile:
I’ll include it, in case devs want to fight! :slight_smile:

Just updated to v5.0.3.0 today using Windows OS.
Question - How do I specify the resolution I want to save image as? I input a 300 res image and it returns 72 res. Thanks

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you ideally choose a pixel size for the image. length in pixels * width in pixels. more pixels are better resolution.

Hi Lul,

This is a known bug - you can fix the resolution in Photoshop for the time being, and I should have a fix for this next Wednesday.

Sorry for the confusion / frustration!

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Thank you, taylor.bishop

Sometimes you can get a better result if you actually lower the resolution of your source image.

If you half the resolution of the source image to 480x480 (Ifranview, Lanczos resize), then process it in Gigapixel, the result is better. (Not great… but better).

(The message board tells me I am not allowed to post pictures here for some reason.)

Hi all, a new version has been released. You can find the thread here.

Thank you!