Gigapixel preview has more details than the output

I recently (3-4 weeks ago) purchased Gigapixel and have used it for around 120 pictures.
I have encountered a problem where the preview very often has more details than the actual output which is strange because it should be the other way around or be the exact same.
In the example I will provide you can see the preview showing off single strands of hair that don’t appear in the original image (That’s great! It’s exactly what I needed!) but in the output you won’t be able to see any of those.

And here’s the result

These are my settings for the picture above:

But I can assure you that I tried every single option available and at one point having 64 different pictures with different sizes and settings, all of them are basically the same except for the speed at which they are made and maybe some minor details.
Not sure what else could be the problem, at this point I could just take screenshots of the preview and stitch them together to make a full picture.

Also let me get this straight: The result is amazing regardless of problems I’m having, but it does look like an old polaroid photo put through a scanner, the one in the preview looks more genuine.

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There might be an issue related to rendering of different programs used for editing and subsequently viewing. What program do you use to view final output? I have had similar problems on my notebook in TS1 - just opposite, In TS1 the final output at 100% was bit blurred (rather lost some details) while in PS the same output was more crisp. Using plugin with SH AI gave me what I asked for howvere returning back to TS1 the result was far from it.Fair to say that this happens only with TS1 (not TS2) and on my Notebook only (NVidia 8600 or so) not on PC (Nvidia 1080 GTI).

Well for now I’ve only used the normal image viewer that comes with Windows 10 to check the pictures, but I do use PhotoShop to edit.
I export them directly as PNG and my PC has a GTX 1060 3GB and a i5 6500 so not the best of lineups.
I don’t really care about the speeds that much so I wish there was an option to have the picture quality so high that you can even see the atoms by letting the image process for hours. Obviously that’s an exaggeration but I see so much potential for this.

Did you try exporting as a jpg file? In your example I would expect the output to look like the preview, its what we all want.

Here’s what it looks like without converting it to PNG (The original is JPG):

While I agree that it would be great if the output looked as good as the preview, Gigapixel did a very good job of cleaning up the picture from the original. I did a screen capture of the original shot from your link and tried using Sharpen AI on it. I tried all three algorithms (sharpen, stabilize and focus) and none even came close to the results you go from Gigapixel. The eyes and mouth were a bit sharper but the rest of the picture was far worse.

I see you have your Settings - vs the Preferences snip you attached - on “Auto”.

Did you experiment turning the Face Detection setting to “Off” and try the “Manual” settings at all?

Not that that should affect what you see in a preview (which, you’re correct, should be representative to be useful) vs. an output. But it’s just something else to try.

Also, you retained the file format type and didn’t get tricky with that (for ex., you didn’t change from a JPG to a TIFF) so it should be a pretty straightforward preview and output to generate.

I experienced this too. I solved this issue by switching the processing mode from GPU to CPU. I used the MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Gaming 8 GB. Maybe it is not the best choice for doing this type of work.