Gigapixel AI v4.9.1

JPEGtoRAW seems to be an abandonned product. It’s not even included on the new update policy starting august. Si I doubt there will be new updates.
I think Gigapixel should have a 100% clean up model to remove jpeg artifacts and clean some images. Like VEAI has the 100% denoise/deblock model.

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I figured out the crashing issue that I reported previously for version 4.8.x on my Mac, which persists in the current release as well. Here’s how to reproduce:

  • Use drag and drop from the Finder to drag multiple files to be upscaled.
  • Start Batch Processing.
  • As the save direction, select “Source”.

If I change to “Custom” and select a directory for the output, the program no longer crashes. It seems that if the files were added with drag and drop, the source directory ends up being null or something and that causes the crash. If I open the files using the “Open…” dialog, then it also works even if I use “Source” as the target directory. I will use the latter work-around for now even though it messes up my workflow a little bit.

OK, a tiny correction/addendum: it seems I can’t reproduce this anymore. My theory is that when I didn’t have a custom directory set in the application, it crashed. Now that I have it set once, it works. I guess I could delete my preferences to try the theory, but it’s late and I’m tired…

Thanks for the detailed repro steps! I’ll start digging into this

It seems that GigaPixel is altering the highlights & shadows dramatically …



Highlights enhanced and vignette removed.

Pretty good, it even brought out the lizard like scales in his second set of arms. :grinning:

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I’m repeatedly getting an error when Gigapixel AI tries to update:

“Windows cannot find autoupdate.exe”

The workaround is very tedious: deinstalling and reinstalling the complete package, each time there’s an update.

I really hope there’s a solution.


How many versions of GigaPixel AI have you installed … it may be you are starting the wrong one if you have already updated.

Hi Don,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve only got the latest Gigapixel AI version installed, in the default install folder. I did uninstall a previous version complete with careful leftover cleanup.

I did notice while installing all Topaz software that some Topaz tools are installed in a Topaz Labs folder, and other tools in a Topaz Labs LLC folder by default. It’d be better if one installation folder name would be standardized among all tools.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I do believe that only JPEG to RAW AI and Adjust AI are left in the old Topaz Labs folder. All other AI apps are using the Topaz Labs LLC folder.

Also the release notes, at various times, recommended a manual uninstall before installing the updates. So I would check that there are no versions of your apps duplicated in the 2 folders.

Hi Don,

I started with a completely clean install of all Topaz apps after carefully deinstalling a few Topaz apps I already owned. The Gigapixel AI updater issue started occurring after that. It used to work fine when I only had a few Topaz apps instead of all of them.

I checked the folders, there are no duplicates.

Next question, have you installed the Beta in the same folder as the production version?

I haven’t installed a beta, just the official release from the Topaz Labs customer download area.

OK, can you go to your Registry, type Regedt32 in the search box and execute that.

When you open the registry type “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Topaz Labs” into the search bar without the quotes, and press enter … you should see something like this:


Take a copy of all the entries under this key and post here.

Then go to the one under that, it should show “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Topaz Labs LLC” and post a copy of all the entries there here.

After that just go to apps in the Settings and in Search this list type in “Giga” again without the quotes and you should see something like this:


Take a copy and post it here also.

Thanks. It turns out I’m not allowed to post images in my replies, so here are links to the screenshots:



The registry indicates a beta version, but the apps don’t. Might that be the culprit?

OK, I see one issue there A.I. GigaPixel in the Topaz Labs entries. Delete the following entries as it is no longer installed:

  • Registry Entries (top level)
  • Folder in … \program files\ topaz labs\a.I. Gigapixel if it is there and,
  • corresponding entries in local app data, search by typing “%localappdata%\Topaz Labs” in the Explorer search bar, without the quotes, and see if there are any A.I. Gigapixel folders there, if there are delete the top folder.

Following that, Exit all applications and type %temp% in the Explorer search bar and select all, press delete and delete everything you can. Including those that ask for admin permission.

Following this reinstall GigaPixel from the file in your Downloads folder making sure that it is installed into the current directory.

Note the Mask AI beta should be uninstalled … can’t see where that came from.

Then open GigaPixel AI, but not from the installer, use the icon and tell me what version is running … and is it looking for updates?

NOTE: You can now upload images.

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I excitedly updated to 4.9.1 and was immediately disappointed to find that the bug I reported on hasn’t gone away in spite of sending way MORE then what was requested by Topaz staff by way of logs, etc. Not even an acknowledgement that they received it! Very disappointed with Topaz bug fixing prowess!

And what is the bug you see?

Hi desaipr,

Are you referring to this post? Is it crashing with every image you try? If not, could you send me the particular images it’s crashing with?

Thanks for the instructions, @AiDon. I’ve followed every step you indicated, and just to make sure I’m starting with a really clean slate I also completely uninstalled Gigapixel AI and performed some extra post-uninstall cleaning.

Then I downloaded the latest Gigapixel AI version and installed it. It works fine, like every time I reinstalled it, so I’ll wait until the next update, and report back if necessary.

Thanks for your assistance, appreciated.

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