Gigapixel AI v4.9.1

Download: Windows, Mac
Released May 20, 2020.


  • Preview can now be panned from anywhere in the navigator panel.


  • Preview panel no longer shows the last opened image when opening another image after saving
  • The “Close Image(s)” dialog no longer pops up when images are closed after processing
  • Escape button closes file logging dialog
  • Faces from one image no longer appear on other images when batch processing
  • Enabling / disabling the preview panel now shows the last selected image after batch processing

Known Issues

  • Batch processing images with Auto selected applies the first image’s auto settings to the other images in the last
  • We’re aware of an issue on some Mac machines where images are double-processing in the preview window when Auto-Update Preview is enabled.
  • If you stop batch processing halfway through, the “Close Image(s)” dialog won’t show up when selecting Remove All Images / Close All Images

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Awesome! The DeNoise team’s been doing some great work. (I believe you posted this in the wrong topic, btw :wink: )


My abject apologies Adam, but in the GigaPixel AI case the preview issue has been solved along with the Preserve Source Format issue :hot_face:

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The batch crash I reported with 4.9.0 seems to be gone with 4.9.1 – at least so far… :wink:

Good to hear! If you do experience any more, please let me know!

Playing around with the latest version, I found out there are images Gigapixel doesn’t touch at all:

The image in question:


I’m betting that Video Enhance AI would scale this without a hitch.

Could it be that your image had already been scaled up by another application? In my experience, Gigapixel doesn’t work well or work at all in such a case.

That’s possible, I just wanted to raise a question, if Gigapixel could react to it as well and try to fix that.

I think VEAI would have the same problem with previously scaled up source footage. Limitation of AI processing, I would guess.

I’ll try to feed the VEAI with this image, or make a short video out of it and test it. But I noticed VEAI treats such images quite differently.

Navigator panel Image disappears in the latest version and does not return and happens right at beginning of image processing. This would be my third or fourth update and in all previous versions it was there with no issues. Manual update does nothing. Using MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 on iMac (27-inch, Late 2013). Is there a way to return to the previous version until this can be resolved?


I state the obvious, This thread is about v4.9.1

What is not 100% clear is which earlier version you were using and wish to re-install?

Also, as all the most recent versions have been delivered as a “full offline installer” as such have you not kept the installer?

PS as far as I am aware, because it each of the newest (most recent ones) version release is being allocated its own thread…you will find the appropriate full installer download at the OP of each thread.

Hi jkihn, thanks for the report. I see the bug you’re talking about when only processing one image - in the meantime, you can toggle the preview window twice with the Preview button at the top to get the image to show back up in the navigator window.

I’ll push out a fix for this ASAP.

This is unfortunately a limitation of the AI model we use for upscaling, since it’s tailored particularly to scaling images and the “clean up” it does is a nice side effect of it. With that said - DeNoise did a pretty awesome job with this image :slight_smile: I ran it through DeNoise then upscaled it with Gigapixel

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If DeNoise can get rid of such bloated JPEG atrocities - nice! Gotta test it out!
Such approach destroyed the folds on the shirt though - probably because DeNoise does that in its “normal” mode (Night mode keeps such things).

That said, I’d like to ask - is JPEGtoRAW AI still in development? And if yes - is it going to take on such atrocities? :slight_smile:

Wait, wait, you’re saying, that this great “deJPEG” filtering in Gigapixel (especially great on anime/manga images, but not only) is here by accident? Whoa :slight_smile:

I can also report that latest Gigapixel crashes, if the image which was in the queue and has been processed at least once, was re-saved elsewhere, and then dropped into the app again (which didn’t add it, which is understandable), and, after hitting [Process], Gigapixel crashed on that image, since the image in memory and image on the disk were different :slight_smile:

Great catch, thank you!

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any chances for getting improvements for text image up-scaling?

For such as above mentioned complicated Upscale Projects, I tend to get passable results using Gigapixel, Denoise AI and some usage of Affinity Photo to trick the AI and to mask and blend the outcome from all programs together.


I think and hope Topaz developers will give JPEGtoRAW AI a little push for such cases. :slight_smile: