Video AI Beta for Windows

Can someone help me? I’m using the desktop beta version, and trying to upscale a 5 minute video 2X, but it’s been running for over 20 hours and it says “290% unsampled 2X” at the top (it slowly increments the percentage). I thought it’d be done at 100% or maybe 200%, but it doesn’t seem to be ending. Do you know when it will finish, or if I have to force it to stop?

Why are you using GigaPixel AI for a video, there is a product called Video Enhance AI. And where did you get the desktop Beta version of GigaPixel AI from as you are not a Beta Tester?

I got the beta from here. videoai dot topazlabs dot com slash beta

I didn’t know about Video Enhance AI, but it seems like Gigapixel AI does the exact same thing, no…?

In any case, do you know what the % means? I already put in hours and hours into this, I don’t want to start over now.

My apologies it seems that is a Public Beta, created a thread for you. And I have no idea what the Windows product does, except as mentioned on the website…

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Download for the Public Beta, Windows Only, is available from: