Gigapixel AI v4.9.0

That previous version app is 3.1.1. Too old and it won’t even accept my login credentials. Anyway, I do have the 4.4.5 installed version for now, hopefully I won’t need to reinstall it anytime soon. It serves me well and I have given up on the new updates until things stabilize. Incidentally, I did some testing comparing output quality of 4.4.5 against 4.9.0 and for upscaling smaller images, 4.4.5 provides considerably more detail. On large source images, 4.9.0 wins out by a bit in terms of accuracy.

Fortunatly I don’t have any issues on my PC installation. You still havent posted the details from Help-> Graphics info.

But what was the actual issue you posted above, it makes no sense that you have an issue and then don’t want help.

With the preview, if you open multiple images and then deselect it, it will display the next in the list:

If you close one of the images it will also move to the next for the preview.

I will post something when I have some time. Is it possible to post a screen video here? That’s the only way I can definitively show how it happens. As I said, I’m happy using 4.4.5 for now and solving the ongoing update issues is not a priority for me at this time. Glad to know it is working well for you and others.

Sure you can post the screenshots, the other thing to remember is that the models have been improved and the results are better now.

I meant screen video, not screen shots. Also, as far as output quality, if you read my previous post (I added an edit) I’ve done some testing of my own.

I think the problem Johnnystar has is this - and I can replicate it ad infinitum. If you open a single image and then close it, without processing it, by clicking on the “X” to remove it from the list you get the “Close Images” dialogue box. If you then open another image the preview is disabled by default - enabling it shows the preview of the previous, now closed, image. Toggling the preview on and off doesn’t help.

If however you process the image, closing it and opening another works correctly, except that when you click on the “X” to close the first image you get the “Close Images” dialogue box telling you that the changes haven’t been saved - even though they just have.

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Hi Paul, Thanks I see it now … has anyone reported this as it is a intermittent problem because if you use Close All or it wont happen, and won’t happen in the session again? It actually only occurs if you press the Preview button rather than clicking on the image details… if you click the Preview button again and then click on the image detail, it will change to the correct Preview …

Press Preview again to close the preview and then click on the image detail line …

You will notice that the Navigator also returns.

@taylor.bishop over to you.

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Thanks for the detailed repro steps Paul! We’re currently aware of this issue and should be pushing out a fix for these and a few others later this week.


Thank you, much appreciated.

Go to this link and at the top click on Windows or Mac for the 4.4.5 full installer.

Thanks, but isn’t that the newer 4.5 installer?

It appears so but its the closest I can find to the 4.4.5 version. It allows you to keep the old version while installing the newer one to a different directory.

Ok, thank you.

I had about 50 previously-Gigapixeled images (4x) that I needed a little larger (another 2x) so I was hoping to do this on a faster computer. As described above, 4.9 couldn’t batch process, so I used 4.4.5 on a MacBook Air. Took literally 3 days to finish, but I got my results! :wink:

I don’t know what size your original were but as a test on my windows machine I took a 16 Mpx Sony RAW file (4928 x 3280) and upscaled it 6X. It took 2 min and 4 seconds which would have been about 1 3/4 hours for 50 files. I used v 4.9.0 which does do batch files (just load them in to the program). I think 4.9.0 is very fast.

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I input TIFFs to keep up the quality and output TIFF as well. Finished TIFFs were between 150-300+MB.

I tried to use 4.9 on a faster SSD iMac but it crashed repeatedly on file #1.

I will need to do more experiments with 4.9 to see if there was a problem with my source files (they had been scans of old postcards I received then colorized online and returned as progressive JPEGs; I then ran them through standalone Impression for some artsy and saved as TIFF, then did GP at 4x awhile ago with v4.4.5).

If I had used my own original JPEGs, I might not have had problem (?).

Here is an example of the artsy (reduced).

I just checked and my finished file was a 248 MB jpeg. About 20 - 30 seconds of the process time was saving the file on my standard hard drive. Nice painterly effect on your picture.

Hi all, we’ve released a new version of Gigapixel. You can find the changelog here.