File Size Increase During Export

Since paying for the upgrade I’ve noticed that the File size is now massive increase from 70MB to 353MB. This has stopped me using the product as the increase in disc size is prohibitive. Cant find any preferences that would account for this or settings to change. Its a shame as i did like the product.

I have the latest version of photo AI and latest windows 11 with all updates applied.

Does anybody have a solution?

thats a good gain but not completley abnormal sounding for some formats…

What are your export settings? Got any screenshots of the export screen you can share that show this?

Info here if needed and below this is a forum post that might help…

File size generated by Photo AI - Bugs and Issues - Topaz Community (

specifically this post in that thread

Even if not using the same format the same kinds of file size scaling issues can occur because enhancing quality is adding data to the file and enhancing resolution size is adding tons of new data.