File size generated by Photo AI

I used Topaz Photo AI from inside Lightroom Classic (on a Mac) to fix an old scanned Photo (5 MB Tiff 1098 x 1517).

Using Topaz AI from “edit-in” menu in Lightroom Classic, AI recovered faces & enhanced resolution 2.7,

It produced a tiff file (2399 x 4066} that takes up 65MB of storage. It is 12 to 13 times larger than the original tiff file, from 5MB to 65MB.

I like the end result but does it have to become such a large file. Using AI from the File-Plug-in extras with the same settings Photo AI produced a 65.5 MB tiff file.

Using Photo AI increases my storage needs1200%.

With that in mind, the increase in file size lowers my willingness to use Photo AI.

Is there a plan to reduce the size of the Photos generated by Photo AI?

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on Mac]

That doesn’t seem right as just the pixel count of the original TIFF,without color information, is nearly 10MB.

is there a way i can share my two photos with you?

Sure, you should be able to upload up to 65MB using the up arrow key in a post in the thread.

Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 6.58.49 AM
this is a screenshot of before and after using Photo AI

since i can not send a tiff the above jpeg is the orignial tiff file

Did you apply any compression such as LZW when you saved the output?

i have plenty of storage just wondering if Photo AI generated photos have to be 12 times larger than original

@wrveeser Upscaling is known to increase the file size but generally not by that much. When you export, try the different compression settings and see if they have an affect on the file size.

Does this happen with all TIFs or just that one in particular?


Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 6.18.27 PM

it happens with all my tiff scans
this photo was upscaled 2.4x and face fixed

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i am sharing the results when I took an iPhone Photo and used photo ai from (file-edit-in) to create a tif and then a second photo using with (low) comprestion tif , and then a thired jpg setting all from a HEIC photo. i am including the results
Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 7.01.22 PM

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I have the same problem and I’m headed to Geek Squad because my Mac Book Pro storage is filling up, even though I try to put all images on an external drive. Where precisely would I go to change settings on export size? Mine go back to Photoshop.

When you save it out of PS you can select the file type, compression etc. Photo AI just returns the updated image to PS.

Oh, of course, many thanks.


Note that increasing the image size will increase the file size by the square of the upscale.

Increasing an image by 2x will double the length and the width, so the output size and pixel count will be 4x the original. Increasing the image size by 2.7x will increase the pixel count and file size by 7.29x.

I would highly recommend increasing your computer storage if you will be using upscaling a lot. The best settings to use for smaller file size and best quality on TIF is ZIP compression and 16-bit depth.

You can pick these settings using stand alone, but not with the plugin.

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