Downloading Model Stuck - V4

Trying to export, it says Downloading Model and just stuck there. Even though I already downloaded the models. It says Downloading model, then loading model, then it goes back to downloading model again. It has been like this for an hour, is there any tip on how to download the latest models locally so that no need to go through the process every time I want to export!

Check attached screenshot, it has been on the loop for the past hour …

Hello, considering the models, I saw in my folder I have 2 versions of Iris, v1 and v2, should I remove the old ones? is there any script that remove old models so it doesn’t affect the newer models? or should I remove them manually? thanks!

Iris LQ → v1
Iris MQ → v2

I got this error, first with default path to models. second time I changed default path to C:/models (gave folder full control permissions) and the same is happening. after running the bat inside the prompt within Topaz

**** UPDATE: it loos like now it’s working/downloading … THANKS!

Created a new folder C:\models, changed permissions to full control from folder properties, applied, restarted Topaz, ran it through terminal and it’s downloading now.

This is unacceptable. Downloading a model takes forever! It just never happens. And there is no clear indication to if it even working to begin with, no percentage graph or anything. And yes, I have a reliable 200mb connection. My internet is flying. But the app is just stuck in perpetual “downloading model” forever. And I have zero desrire to fiddle with a script trying to account for all types of resolutions and models. What the hell Topaz??! I am really mad at you! And its not like this is a fresh problem. It have been around for generations of your app! When are you going to fix it already??

I am just as frustrated. If it seems hung up after a couple of minutes, I find it best to continue restarting the program. I’m not very experienced with this program yet but this has been working for me so far.

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Which version of the app are you in?

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