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I just updated and went to use the program for the first time after doing so. I have not had issues with it in the past but now, it is telling me that it has to re download models for any images can be processed. So I did that and then nothing happened. The program just stalled so I restarted it and am getting the same thing. It needs to redownload some models to be able to process any images.
I am not good at fixing scripts or doing any of that kind of thing. I only have phone data and it is not always fast so I can’t redownload models every time I want to edit a image. What is happening with the program Topaz? Why am I suddenly unable to use it and why is it repeatedly saying t needs to redownload models, each time I want to use it for editing?

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Hi there,

if there are models missing on their computer (which you can check from the logs, it will show that a model is missing in the beginning of the log and try to redownload them)

  • run the installer again if the in-app model downloader is failing
  • troubleshoot security apps like antivirus, firewall, VPN
  • check if they have another internet connection they can use (hotspot usually works)
  • check if they have another computer they could try to see if it’s a computer issue or internet issue

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