DeNoise AI 2.4.2


Change log:
v2.4.2 (Released February 3rd, 2021)

  • Fixed installer forgetting where resources were when updating from older versions
  • Fixed case where installer would install to two different locations when updating
  • Fixed Photoshop plugins not working in some cases on Windows
  • Fixed save as dialog defaulting to ProPhoto in some cases

v2.4.1 (Released January 28th, 2021)

  • Fixed various install issues on Windows
    – Should address non-admin installs, multi-drive installs, and non-NTFS installs
  • Fixed save dialog not remembering color profile selection
  • Added message box at the end of in-app update instead of just silently disappearing

v2.4.0 (Released January 27th, 2021)

  • Updated Low Light models to newest versions
  • Updated Photoshop plugins
    – Should now save/load all the settings properly
  • Added support for new image file types
    – New RAW formats: ARI, CR3
    – New non-RAW formats: BMP, HEIC, PPM, PGM, PBM, PNM, TGA, and WEBP
  • Added estimated time remaining when saving files
  • Added In-App rating system
    – If you experience any issues with output in the program, feel free to send feedback by clicking on the faces at the bottom right of the preview
  • Added ability to load non-ASCII file names from Lightroom
    – For instance, Japanese/Chinese/Korean, etc file names should work now
  • Added an error message when models fail to run instead of just returning a non-updated preview
  • Added an info hover on the brightness toggle to better explain cases where it doesn’t work
  • Changed Windows installer so it’s admin only
    – Should resolve various issues non-admin users have had in the past
    – May require full uninstall/reinstall if you had it installed as non-admin before
  • Changed Photoshop plugin mode to have an entry in the file list view
    – This allows us to better show masking rather than having the brush at the top
  • Changed OpenGL settings internally
    – Hopefully this should help with black preview issues and puts this program in line with what Gigapixel and Mask do
  • Changed sliders to allow text input for values
  • Fixed various color/loading issues for RAW files
  • Fixed issue where DNG files saved and re-opened in our apps would be magenta
  • Fixed post-processing not running in certain cases
  • Fixed preview scale so it adjusts to your screen display scale properly
    – Images may look smaller than before if you have a display scale over 100%
  • Fixed crash when running auto on images with specific file sizes
  • Fixed crash on Mac related to file logger

I’ve Denoise two times.

2.3.6 & 2.4.0, the installer did not overwrite 2.3.6.

Does not open R5 CR3.

But we had this topic before, the libary of the raw converter is not up to date yet…

Did you download the update from the website, or use the in-app updater? If you got it from the website please re-download as the 2.3.6 installers weren’t purged yet.

Did pick the full installer from above.

when i drop in images it says its broken.

Also model corruption.

2021-01-27-20-54-52-Main.txt (51.6 KB)

I will deinstall 2.4.0 and if not wiped install from inside 2.3.6.


Updating from inside the app.

the same behavior, has installed it on the side.

Now complete reinstall after uninstalling both.


2021-01-27-21-10-14-Main.txt (57.3 KB) 2021-01-27-21-10-14-QML.txt (35.9 KB)

Full reinstall (online installer) also broken.

Going to try to reproduce this. We had tested these last night and before release, so unsure why they would suddenly not work.

What do you mean by this? Is it not installing it to the same directory?

I’ve tried full installer normal install and 2.3.6 -> 2.4.0 with full and online and cannot reproduce any issues.

OK Strange, will try tomorrow.

As an full Admin instead of a user with Admin password.

@adam.mainsLooking at the Lion Photo Produced By Denoise File Info Shows Color space RGB ColorProfile ProProto When Presere Source Profile is Chosen File Info on iMac Shows ProPhoto When reading Raw Camera Files ? This Correct ?

I see this in your logs. Does the program update to 2.4.0 but just the image doesn’t load?

ERROR!!!! - exiv2 throw
ExifData is empty...!
----->>> Input Image Info:  "C:/Users/Thomas/Pictures/Samples f�r Partha/_D__0023.CR2" ( 1936 x 1288 )

I’m not 100% sure what you’re referencing. Are you saying it’s saving as the wrong color profile with preserve source profile?

Is ProPhoto Supposed to be Preserve Source Profile When Reading Raw Camera Files ?
Scope View of Night Shot Photos are RGB

Looking at the code, it does look like we force it to ProPhoto RGB when preserve is set on RAW files.

Scope View help you ?:slight_smile:

I’d need more info on which shot is which with what settings. I can see the differences, but unsure which photo is from where and what color profile it is (Not sure if RGB is sRGB, ProPhoto RGB, etc).

@adam.mains Photos are Both SRGB One PhotoShop Using Denoise AI 240 other DenoiseAI Alone CPU Chosen.

So the sRGB profile from DeNoise is different it looks like then. We do use a black scaled version of sRGB which at least one person has noted on before. I can try changing to the non-scaled one and see if the input is similar to the top image.

File is 1648.cr2. Lion is 2314.cr4

Check these out :slight_smile:
Top Right Sat /Lum Botom Right Waveform RGB