DeNoise 3.4

Updated from DeNoise AI 3.4.1 to 3.4.2 upon opening 3.4.1 this morning but I am getting Error Loading Model or AI Model missing or corrupted (nLsL.bin) (NX) when opening an image to edit and choosing between the AI models. Software no longer works.

MacOS 11.6 and LR Classic 11.1

The same
V3.4.2 is not working at all on my Mac. :frowning_face:
Sharpen is not working too …
What else ???

Do you have the updated app in a place other than /Applications? The in-app update moves and then replaces a resource folder with all the model files, demo images, and lens profiles but if the program is not in /Applications the entire thing just gets overwritten with no resources.

The fix for this is to just re-install from the full drag and drop installer which should just fully replace the bad .app.

How did you install the program? A clean install from the DMG should work. Just open the DMG, then drag and drop the DeNoise icon onto the Applications icon to install it. Don’t run it directly from the DMG.

Yes, I did. I never launch any apps from the DNG file.
In fact Denoise is launching, but any model I want to use, I have an error message and no result.
Also, if I want use a file test proposed in the bottom of windows, it doesn’t find the file!
I think that some component are not installed properly.

I re-installed V3.3.4 It works well.

I’ll try again and send you error message if it doesn’t work better.

I just re-installed it, but directly from the link in the application.
Now it seems working well :blush:

Thanks - that’s sorted it for me now too :slight_smile:

I made the mistake of initially putting it in the “Topaz Labs LLC” folder, thinking it had to overwrite the previous app. The uninstall script for older versions didn’t run properly because of this. After a “clean” install into the Applications folder it worked great.

Having the same problem on my iMac Pro (Intel) Monterey 12.1. All other Topaz apps work except the current version of DeNoise AI v3.4.2 (have reverted to v3.2)

I’ve done a fresh install of DeNoise AI v. 3.4.2 and followed the instructions for the Photoshop/Lightroom plugin, but when I try to edit an image in DeNoise from Lightroom Classic 11.1 I only get a Save button rather than the Apply button. I’m using a MacBook Pro Mac OS Monterey 12.01. Anyone else having this issue? DeNoise AI is working as a stand-alone program, but I virtually always use it as a Lightroom plugin, so am hoping someone has a suggestion on how to make that work.

Hi, I am using a Mac mini 2018 with a Blackmagic eGPU. When I use Topaz Denoise AI, the program takes a long time to load the AI model Clear. It works without the eGPU, but the noise reduction is then very slow.

I got it working, though I’m 100% sure which of the following actions did it, but after I opened Photoshop and tried editing an image there, it properly recognized the DeNoise plugin. I then stopped Photoshop and started up DeNoise AI as a stand-alone and it gave me a message saying the plugin wasn’t installed for everything (unfortunately I don’t recall the exact message) and do I want to install it. I responded yes. I then started Lightroom again and went to the external editing preferences and clicked on Topaz DeNoise AI. After this, the external editing plugin started working with Lightroom.

3.4.1 is making the image look horrible after processing. It s doesn’t matter which algorithm is used. Even a 300 dpi image ends up looking like it has been “compressed for Web”. I’ve never seen this bad processing on any of the previous versions

3.4.2 is available

apologies. I was using 3.4.2 itself

I just noticed that you wrote at the top of this thread that DNAI 3.4 does not work as an external editor with On1 PR. I am using PR 2022 and it is working fine as a plugin. Or is there something I am missing?

Version 3.4.2 refuses to work as an external editor with Lightroom Classic v11.1
I have tried everything that I found on your website, including even the biggest kludge of all that you can find here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

I find this extremely annoying, I have just wasted two hours of my precious time, why! Please fix this asap

Forgot to mention, I am using a MacBook Pro with OSX 10.15.7