Crop & Face Recovery creates wrong output

Every time I use Crop in conjunction with face recovery, I get an extra floating face in the finished image. I now have to pre-crop all my images on another application or not use face recovery. I attached an image I picked at random from the internet to demonstrate

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 crop image
  2. Step 2 when preview refreshes I have an extra head
  3. Step 3 Save image extra head still there.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/M


This has been happening since 4.3 and has got worse.

I thought it might be resolved in v3 (there is no 4.3 David), but it hasn’t:

Sorry the current and last 2 versions and has gotten worse

It is inconsistent. The image I posted above was a JPG. I tested on HEIC, DNG and ARW files and got no ghosts. I then ran the JPG above again, and it seems the ghosting occurs only when I combine cropping with upscaling!



2024-04-12-14-00-51.tzlog (300.4 KB)
lastSessionFiles.txt (79 Bytes)
Ghost test (331.4 KB)

Yeah, that sounds right I am invariably upscaling older images as Jpegs with minimum compression with some cropping after using photoshop for repairs and such. Generally when people scan pictures for me to repair, they use Jpg. I will now specify other formats if possible probably png.

I have encountered an issue with Photo AI 3.0 producing strange output.
I assuming this is related to the fact that that Face Recovery is segmenting the photo and then both Adjust Lighting And Balance Color are exaggerate the effect.

I encountered he issue with RAW file (Olympus ORF) with following adjustments.

What I can see is this

and this

When I turn off the light or color the effect is lowered but it can be visible if you know what you are looking for. That’s why I assuming this is the problem with Face Recovery algorithms.
Can you somehow enhance the output of FaceR?

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[Topaz Photo AI 3.0.0, Windows 11, 12900K, 64GB]

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

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I’m attaching the output file where on almost every face you can see the frame around the segmentation.

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In the standard process, when I adjust lighting or color, faces will be much darker than the rest of the picture. The problem just started.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Fascinatingly, cropping is getting worse and worse with each version.
Hit: given resolution: 3840x2160, received: 3831x2154. Seriously, no one can do this once, right?

The current version works like a joke.

I will write how to do:

  1. Before upsizing, make sure the dimensions will not be smaller
  2. After upsize, trim the too long sides
  3. SAVE

After changing the crop, I have to enter the same dimensions so that they are taken into account after the crop. Of course, the program does not follow them anyway.

Additionally, entering a new image height causes a face mask (Face Recovery) to appear in a different part of the image. You must enter the width for the face mask to be placed correctly.
Error on error…

The Width & Height indicators, when cropping, aren’t an accurate representation of the image’s final dimensions or the selected pixels. They are only a ratio at which the image gets cropped and are expected to change with specific crop sizes.

After applying the crop, you can view the cropped image’s dimensions on the top right of the Photo AI window. See the screenshot below.


You can select a Custom Aspect Ratio and then click on the Lock symbol shown in the screenshot below to prevent the aspect ratio from changing while cropping.

And that’s how it works…


With Cropping, Face Recovery and Upscale, the image of the recovered face appears in a wrong location.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Open a image file
  2. Autopilot sets face recovery (or manually add face recovery)
  3. Add upscale (by fixed Width or Height, not by Scale)
  4. Recovered image will appear in wrong position in the preview image or processed file.

Topaz Photo AI [v3.0.1] on [Windows]

When cropping and face recovery STILL creates off set faces in Jpegs and Pngs as I have reported ad nauseum for the last 4 versions. I shall be reverting to the last V1 and requesting a refund as that was the last version that actually worked.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 crop
  2. Step 2 face recovery
  3. Step 3 Extra ghost faces.

Topaz Photo AI [v3.0.1] on [Windows/Mac]

Yes it is still a bug in v3.0.1

The obvious work-round is to apply face recovery and save the result, then crop (and upscale if needed) that.

That is a pain in the ass, this is a paid for product that does not work besides Paintshop pro and Photoshop have a simpler more intuitive and effective image straighteners and cropping tools, so I will do the cropping and straightening artefact removal first then us topaz just for face and resize. Sorry, but photo AI as a stand-alone product is just too buggy for serious use. If I am going to have to process everything twice I will use what works in my opinion better and that is not Photo AI not for cropping and straightening and artefact removal. When this year’s subscription is done i will be trying Gigapixel again.

A related problem is with the settings in the Enhance function not agreeing with one another. If you want to make an image a particular size, you have to use the Scale Factor setting for it to work correctly. Note that the Width and Height fields do not agree with the stated dimensions of the photo in the upper-right corner. If you try to set the photo to a particular Width or Height, it doesn’t work correctly. If you enter one, the other does not change proportionally, and the actual size of the photo doesn’t agree with any of the numbers on the screen. Please fix this, it’s been happening for several releases now!

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I think there may be something at fault with either your copy of TPAI or some incompatibility with your hardware/OS.
I have my TPAI preferences set up to automatically upscale smaller images to a height of 2200px. Note that the width is in proportion:

If I then set height to 3000px, again the width increase proportionally: