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How do I post a new topic, I am new to the forum, went to the tech support and other areas and do not see an option to post a new topic, what am I missing?

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Hi and welcome the the forum.
At the very top click on the Topaz logo
On that page look to the bottom right of your screen you should see a blue plus icon,
Click on the Plus logo and choose a category.

I hope that helps you

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The bottom of the screen just keeps scrolling up and I never seem to get to the bottom?

Same here, I gave up after a few pages.

I think I might have discovered the mystery, I think I did not have permissions to post. I received a message this morning that I have been granted the Basic Badge and that new user restrictions have been lifted. I now can see a big circle with a plus on the bottom of the page.

I am having the same issue. Can someone fix this for me?

Same issue. You’re not automatically able to post?

This is insane.

I bought a Topaz product this morning. No prob.

This afternoon, I downloaded a trial version of another Topaz product and ran it though some tests. I found a blocking problem, which would keep me from purchasing it until it’s resolved / explained.

But I can’t ask the question / show the example.

So Topaz Labs doesn’t want people to ask product questions for potential purchase until we’ve earned some sort of “no longer a total noob” status on the community forums?

I get wanting to protect the boards from spam, but this is too far.



I am also havong the same problem, i not able to post a new thread, i guess it is because i am new,



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It seems there’s no “bottom of the page” since it is infinite scrolling (the more you scroll down, the more contents load)

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how did you create this post???

I clicked reply not “Create topic” button. This button appeared to me after 1 or 2 hours when I first registered. Now I can post topic on selected boards, but not allowed to post with images.

Same deal, would love to post something…

If you click on the Topaz Labs icon towards the left of the blue bar at the top of any screen you should see this, with a box saying “+ New Topic” under the blue bar and towards the right:

This doesn’t appear immediately for new users (for very good reasons) but I’m afraid I don’t know what the criteria for its appearance are. It might be time or a number of posts made - but I’m just guessing here.

There really is no good reason. Spam? If I’m determined to spam this site i can wait it out if that’s the case. All this does is frustrate legitimate users that have questions.

Forum’s have been around f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

This is the only one I’ve ever encountered with this problem.

I do not have the new topic button although it lets me reply.

Can someone please grant me access? I’d like to post something I need technical help with. Thanks.

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This is a very frustrating “feature”. I know from experience that forums are difficult to moderate effectively, and I also know that one or two people will turn out to be (at best) problematic, and a few will turn out to be completely and dribblingly insane, but the vast majority of users are genuine helpful people.

It would be really useful if you mentioned somewhere that we had to do things in order to get posting privileges? Otherwise people (like me) just click around for half an hour or so, get frustrated, and then wander off, never to return.

There’s nothing about this in the FAQ at all. It isn’t even as if the new thread option is greyed out; there’s just no way to start a new post at all. I have literally clicked on every single UI element of the page…

Perhaps consider giving registered paid customers posting privileges out of the box after they’ve bought something? I’ve bought three different products from you in the past for myself, and others for my friends and family too. My account with you should show this. Why treat us all as if we’re all bad by default?

@PaulM there is no + New Topic option appearing for new users on any forum page. It appears to be a Topaz anti spam feature, and a very poorly thought out one at that!

I was going to upload a picture to show you, but I get a pop up saying that’s not something that new users can do; along with only being able to refer to a single user…

I clearly said that it doesn’t appear for new users. I don’t know what the criteria is but it will appear - either that or a plus icon at the bottom right of the screen. Some of us get one, some get the other.