Correcting DeNoise AI v2 install issues & using from Studio 1 & 2

Please note that to correct the current issues with the DeNoise v2 update you will need to follow the following instructions.

To get rid of the BETA entries in Topaz Labs LLC filter entries delete the following plugin files, note if you installed in directory other than Topaz Labs LLC choose that directory:

  • tltopazdenoiseaibetaps.8bf in drive:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz DeNoise AI\PS_Plugins
  • tltopazdenoiseaibetaps_x64.8bf in drive:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz DeNoise AI\PS_Plugins_x64

Additional instructions for using DeNoise v2 from Studio 1 & 2 … note that this may be changed in the next install so it is an interim measure:

  • Uninstall Denoise AI
  • ReInstall Denoise AI into the drive:\Program Files\Topaz Labs directory, or the directory where you installed Studio 1, this will also allow DeNoise to be used from Studio 2.

Tested and verified on Windows 10


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AiDon- Hi I’m new to the forum. I too am having issues with DeNoise v2 install. Can I just move V2 file from LLC folder to Labs directory without going through the other steps?

No you cannot just move program files you must uninstall and then install to the directory where you want it. But I have seen others having trouble selecting a install directory.

What troubles are you having? I assume you are on Windows 10 as this thread is only about Windows.

Hi, Just curious when will this be available to download/install and push the go button without the need to mess around removing this and that? Seems very hit and miss for an updated product. Thankyou. Russ.

You will need to raise a support request, this is a user forum :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry I thought you had your finger on the pulse as you put up all that tech info above :grin:

Thank you for the email. I have the same problems every one else is having. Just have to wait for topaz to fix it.

I’m one who decided to wait for a proper bug free version for installing DeNoise AI v2 before I resorted to hacking around with it myself as Don suggested here. Based on the debate over the last couple of days it looks like I may be waiting a lot longer than the proverbial “two weeks” I was hoping for, but at least I now know that I have until July to grab the half-baked version that’s out there already without having to pay extra for it.

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Wow, you call deleting 2 files to remove the beta plugins that will crash PS if selected or installing into a specific folder (as is allowed in the installer) to make it available in Studio 2 a hack.

Don’t try to hijack threads that are designed to help users find a quick solution to issues to express your disapproval of company policies.

Note that not everyone uses a host such as PS.

And this forum is here to help user.

I’m not hijacking anything, but perhaps the word hack was too harsh. I should of said manual intervention by the customer. You yourself said that this was just an interim measure, and that’s what I was wanting to avoid with skipping an update that still needed undisclosed special measures to make work. I wrongly assumed it would be something rectified by “The Company” as soon as you figured out the repair process for them. Now we all know the real time period involved is more than just interim.


There shouldn’t be a need to remnove any spurious files if you buy/ download a properly tested piece of software so get off your high horse! Remind me, how long has a patch or update been outstanding for the current issues on DeNoise 2 since it was released, its 3+ weeks and counting…

Just installed it yesterday painlessly and smooth on my 16" 2020 mac with Catalina. So if you’re still waiting the wait is over.


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