Privacy issue…

  So, now Photo  AI wants to send pictures that it works on to Topaz. There’s a setting to opt-out, but if you have that setting set, then every so often, Topaz asks to change the default to send these images.

  Just a short while ago, I unintentionally clicked the wrong button, and changed the     Can Upload Images By Default” option to ON.

  It is good to have the switch in the “Save … Images&rdquuo; so that I can enable this uploading for a specifc batch, but I •ALWAYS• want the default to be OFF, and I do not want Photo AI nagging me every so often to change that.

  I mean to protect my privacy, except where I explicitly choose to allow my data to be sent, and I find.  It is very bad form, and ethically dubious, for a program to keep nagging me to give up my privacy, and to make it easy to accidentally give up my privacy.

  I am some times willing to allow images on which I am working to be uploaded, but I set the   Can Upload Images By Default” setting to be off, and I do not want that to be changed unless I explicitly go into the settings and change it myself (which I would never do).  And I absolutely DO NOT WANT the program to keep nagging me about it, or making it easy to accidentally change that setting.


We are changing the nag popup to not appear repeatedly and for the share option to have a double confirmation.

The popup will also direct a user to the privacy tab so they can learn where the controls are and change it.

That is coming soon.

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