Competitor to VEAI

I found a competitor software to VEAI :open_mouth:

Video Enhance AI: Enhance the Video Quality with the Power of AI (

But on closer inspection, although in the presentation video it looks almost as good, the interface looks very similar to VEAI but with fewer options. For example, the preview option is missing and there is only one output format. there are not as many models depending on the type of video to improve. See the video:
That being said, I prefer VEAI because it is more complete

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1 day 15 hours to process a test video that takes VEAI 90 mins !!!

Took a quick look and checked the producer. This appears to be a not very good rip of VEAI by a Chinese company.

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I have just tested with one very short clip.
My first impression is the AVCLabs output seem sharper/crispier. It seem that AVCLabs have done some deblurring to the footage. (It make me feel like processed by Sharpen AI :grinning:)

However, the output footage is not as smooth as VEAI. It seem that they treat each frame as a separate photo and enhance it one by one without consider the data of pervious/next frame.
Also the AVCLabs takes much longer time to process.

Anyway, IMO competition is always good for consumer. :yum:

Not when they are using BSRGAN without credit and claiming all the work is their’s.

Sorry to say not the first time they use other’s work without credit.

However it is a very low-cost-alternative

$40 a month to use BSRGAN ?

Yup I guess that’s cheap for free software.

:innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

Thank you for letting me know. :grinning:

I didn’t know about BSRGAN before, after some searching it seem than BSRGAN algorithm does very well on old portrait photo and they reconstruct face detail much better than many other AI software.

Here a sample from their github web page.

Out of curiosity, I make a quick comparison: :yum:

Left: BSRGAN x4
Middle: GAI low res (N:100 B:40 Face: On) x4
Right: GAI very compress (N:100 B:40 Face: On) x4

Original Image: (160px x 160px)

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I don’t know if Topaz can sue them for stealing their UI design, icon, color, font, everything… but it’s a shame. I refuse to test this.

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If only. Can’t touch the Chinese knock offs though. No point when their government is just gonna say it’s a unique piece of software and nothing was stolen.

xd. It’s pretty obvious though. The color of the interface is identical. The layout of the icons is identical. It is certainly less complete than Topaz, but the interface itself looks very much like Topaz. It is more plagiarism than inspiration. Even the icons are identical.