Color Change

Photo AI changes the colors in the image in contrast to Sharpen AI and DeNois AI

Please read this on how to report a bug and provide the information needed and examples.

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@cvc I have a couple questions for you.

Question 1: What application are you sending your images to Sharpen or DeNoise AI from? (Lightroom, Capture One, DxO PhotoLab, …)

Question 2: How are you sending it to Sharpen or DeNoise AI? “Edit in” or “Process in”

Question 3: What is the starting format of your file before you send it to Sharpen or DeNoise AI and what is the format that Sharpen or DeNoise AI sends back after it is done processing? e.g. You start with a ___ file (.dng, .tiff, .png, .jpg), which then saves back a ___ (.dng, .tiff, .png, .jpg)

Hi brock.gunter-smith

I am working with LightroomClassic
I have an example of a tif file saved as a .tif in Topaz DeNoise.

I open this file in LrC and go to edit bits in TopazAI. (Image 1)
Then TopazAi opens, I let it edit automatically and save it again as a .tif. (Picture 2)

The colors change dramatically:
The color value of a point in picture 1 is R=153, G=164, B=212
change to R=126, G=142, B=220 in Figure 2

I’m having real trouble with bringing .CR3 files from a Canon EOS 1DX Mk III through Topaz Photo AI, updated yesterday. When I bring them directly into Photo AI on my usual Autopilot settings, all colors in the images unexpectedly turn muddy, and the overall exposure appears to drop by 1 f/stop.
My Topaz log: 2023-07-04-07-03-56.tzlog (74.5 KB)
The .CR3 file:
_G7X0695.CR3 (21.2 MB)

Both the in-application preview and the exported DNG file are similarly affected; so is the preview that I can observe in either Lightroom (cloud) or Lightroom Classic.

If I bring the same .CR3 file into either Lightroom or ACR, then into
Photoshop and then through Topaz Photo AI, the preview and exported file (TIF or PSD) come out fine.
2023-07-04-07-36-29.tzlog (74.7 KB)

I would like to establish Photo AI as my first import step so that all my photos get denoised as brilliantly as Photo AI can do, then proceed to other edits on DNG outputs. Certainly cannot do so if Photo AI is going to degrade the quality of the input image, though. What can you suggest?

Process: I’m using the step recommended on your site and in the Photo AI popup; specifically, launching File > Plug-in Extras > Process with Topaz Photo AI from Lightroom Classic. I see the same if I launch Topaz Photo AI and open the .CR3 raw file from the file system.

If I instead use the Lightroom Classic command Photo > Edit In > Edit in Topaz Photo AI, the raw file’s preview and appearance in Photoshop match what I see in other applications (Lightroom (cloud), Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera Raw, etc.) But of course a TIF file rather than a DNG results.
2023-07-04-13-36-26.tzlog (78.2 KB)

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Hi I have exactly the same problem using Olympus ,Nikon and Canon raw files. Did you receive any solution to the problem

It’s in the post above yours.

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The solution is above. If you have any other questions though, feel free to submit a support ticket at using the beacon on the bottom right corner of the page.