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Can’t activate Topaz Video AI. It hangs during the “open browser” operation. I’ve paid for the product, but it only comes up in trial mode. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it.

Apple MacBook Pro M1 Max.

Logs attached. (638.3 KB)

What browser? It works on three different Macs with Safari here.

Do you have a Firewall/Antivirus installed? if yes, maybe try shortly deactivating those for the activation - you can reenable them afterwards if it succeeded.

If you trial mode, you may need to sign in, to get it work.

It usually comes up with a prompt.

If not contact Topaz support, this is just a users forum, although Topaz staff sometimes see tgevposts.

I’m using macOS Sonoma 14.1.1, the the default Safari browser. I’ve signed out, and signed in again, and all my other Topaz apps work perfectly.

I do use NordVPN, but I’ve disabled it.

I get prompted to activate every time, and when I click activate, the browser hangs trying to open the following URL (slightly mangled so that the forum might accept it):

" http : // … very long base64 …"


Hmm, I think I read somewhere that NordVPN did cause such behaviour even though it was disabled.

Found it:

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