Blurry image in Topaz Studio 2 (plug-in of PS)

When I open any photo (16-bit tiff) in Topaz Studio 2 (plug-in of PS) on 100%, the image looks very blurry (before I use any filter):

Whereas the original photo in Photoshop looks very detailed:

It does not happen if I open the same photo in the standalone Topaz Studio 2 (or in old Classical Studio via Photoshop):


Monitor - Eizo CG247x
Computer -





Same problem here. Topaz Studio 2 doesn’t work right as a plugin from Photoshop. Images are blurry and the adjustments don’t look like they should. When opening the same images with TS2 without Photoshop, everything looks fine. Using the same images, TS1 works fine both as a Photoshop plugin and as a standalone.

Software used:
Topaz Studio 2 version 2.0.1
Photoshop CC release 20.0.5

User Specs:
OS: Windows 10 (10.0.18362) 64bit
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor (16) System RAM: 32701
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GPU RAM: 60521

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I am having the exact same problem on my Windows 10 machine.

The issue (a blurry picture in Studio-2 opened as a plug-in of Photoshop) remains in Studio-2.05, thus the update did not help.

I use 10-bit color in the setting of my video-card (Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000) and in Photoshop. Could that be the reason of the problem?

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I’m seeing the same issue even with 2.06 and its unuseable in its current form. Would someone from Topaz like to comment on this issue please?

I’ve made some progress with this problem; wehn you open ST2 (or ST1) as a plugin from CC, you’re prompted to create a duplicate layer as ST wont save to the base layer. I ignored the prompt for a duplicate layer and continued and the image in ST2 is as per CC, i.e. sharp and I then made some random 100% adjustments and they appear to have saved without problem. Be interesting to see what technical support say too.


This is still an issue! When I posted previously I hadn’t viewed the image at 100% and whilst not as apparent, the problem remains and is bad when viewed at full size.

I’ve updated the support ticket and I’m now awaiting a response which hopefully will be posted here too?

Same issue here, I can apply the identical settings in the Studio 1 and Studio 2 apps run as a plug-in and the Studio 1 version looks great, the Studio 2 version looks blurred. Looking at the files closely, there appears to be some sort of slight pixel shift going on resulting in the blurring. It looks like pixels are being translated upward by one pixel. If I enter Studio 2 and do absolutely nothing then no blurring occurs, but if I apply any filter, even with the settings set to zero (for example the curves tool without adjusting the curve) and then Apply to go back to Photoshop, the image is blurred. The blurring does not occur if Studio is run as a Stand Alone application.

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I can confirm this bug. It’s happening with Affinity Photo on Windows 10, too.
When opening an image from standalone TS2 (2.0.7) everything looks normal, i.e. crisp and sharp. Opening the very same image from Affinity Photo in plugin mode, the image looks very blurry.

One observation I made (maybe I read it here in the forum, too, but can’t find it right now) is that this seems to be just a display problem as long as you only apply looks and don’t change any setting by moving any of the sliders. When just applying a look and accepting the image it is still sharp in the host application.
But as soon as you change any setting - and may it be the slightest change - the blurriness is baked into the image and back in the host application you have a blurry image.

This does not occur with Studio 1.

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Thanks, I was just about to try it in Affinity - you saved me the trouble :slight_smile:

It happens with 8 bit color, 10 bit color, nVidia Graphics, ATI Graphics, Intel Graphics. It’s a program bug, not anything to do with specific graphics settings.

Copied below is a reply from Topaz received 10 minutes ago in response to the ticket I raised on this issue:

40x40 Adam Daugherty (Topaz)

Aug 8, 2:09 PM CDT

This is an issue our team is aware of and working to resolve it permanently! We’re collecting cases to add to our bug ticket, I’ll add yours to it. As soon as we have a fix for the issue, I will let you know!

Thank you for all the information, that’s very helpful as we troubleshoot the issue!

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Thanks for sharing :+1:
Hopefully the information in this thread helps them fixing.

2.0.7 and 2.0.8 released in the last 24 hours - problem is not fixed :frowning:

Agreed! I’ve just uploaded a couple of full size files at their request and the one which has had Precison Contrast via Studio 2 is a write off.

2.0.9 is out, still not fixed. I uploaded to Topaz a side by side comparison of default settings of AI clear done in plug-in mode and in stand alone mode - massive difference. The stand alone is “clear” the plug-in one is a blurry mess.

We really need this to be fixed! Studio 2 is basically unusable for me. A lot of us have sent in tickets for this bug, I hope it is fixed soon.

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We’ve identified the root cause and have a fix for when loading an image from Photoshop (or other plug-in based host editors).



Thanks for the update, it would be very helpful if you could post on here when you issue an update to address this problem please.

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Give 2.0.10 a try and see if the issue has been corrected.

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Looks like its sorted thanks. I’ve updated to 2.0.10 and applied AI Clear and Precision Contrast both quite strongly so the change is obvious as a plugin to CC and after accepting the changes and returning to CC and viewing at 100% it all looks good.

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