Blurry image in Topaz Studio 2 (plug-in of PS)

Yup, looks fixed here as well!

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Glad to hear it!


2.0.10 has fixed blur issue here when Studio 2 is used as plugin from Affinity Photo.

Yay! all fixed Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! Now everything is OK.

The same problem was in Classic Studio when opening a big photo (45 Mp or so) and using Adjustments. I had to resize (4500x3000) and then to work with the resize in Studio.

That makes sense. Classic studio intentionally down sampled the image in order to be able to meet memory requirements. The bigger the image the larger the impact. Glad to hear everyone is having better results after the update in Studio 2.

That was a somewhat different issue which corrected itself as soon as you actually expanded the tool to reveal its controls, it was simply a display update timing issue. Even if you didn’t expand the tool, as soon as you went back to Photoshop it applied the filter properly. In Studio 2, before this fix, the image in Photoshop would be significantly blurred.

P.S. I work routinely with 100mp+ files

+1 fixed in Affinity Photo :+1:
Thank you for fixing that one! With 2.0.10 the images are looking sharp and crisp as they should.

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