Topaz Studio 2 version 2.0.7 is now available

Topaz Studio 2 version 2.0.7 update is now available. Here’s the change log:

  • Crop / Rotate / Straighten Feature Added
  • Corrected Issue with scrolling to bottom controls in Filter Panel
  • Save as Project File in Photoshop or External Editor mode from File Menu
  • Added ability to manage textures
  • Corrected issue wehre the mask brush would linger after masking, closing, and opening new image
  • Image Navigator added

Downloads can be found here, just in case you don’t get notified:


First thoughts:

Auto Update on a Mac is still not working correctly, takes 2 cycles of the auto-update routine before download begins.

Crop works OK.

Image Navigator works OK.

Texture management is not working OK. Can only load a single texture at a time and the texture has to be renamed before it will load. Impossible to load a whole library as before. [Lots of blank spaces again in the pre-loaded texture list.]

More later.

Studio 2 v2.0.7

The crop button and the crop panel are diametrically opposite and too far away from each other for comfortable use.
Can the crop button have “c” shortcut key?
Can the Enter button be used to confirm the crop?
Straighten needs either a grid or a horizon ruler to align against.
Crop has no reset button. Cannot be reset between crops.

Loads of blanks in the texture list

Cannot load more than one custom texture at a time, each texture has to be renamed. I have a lot of custom textures, probably a hundred or more. With the old system, I could load a whole group at a time and the original names would be retained, though I’ve never understood why the textures had to be re-imported taking up space and processing time: surely a link to the texture would be sufficient?

Custom textures are blank and not displayed

That’s it for now. Probably more than you expected, certainly more than I expected. Needs more work.

FIT (fit to screen) does not do what I want it to do after I crop.
I want the picture to re-maximize in my work space but it does not.

Auto-update went smoothly. Most new features are working great!

Imported my sig.png file to textures but application to the photo copied the entire photo. Did I do something wrong?

UPDATE: When I first apply the sig texture it appears to be okay, but when I click on edit to resize, it is grabbing the underlying image as well.

Interim zoom control not working properly If I zoom in with Cntl + Cntrl - not working

Hi, all these updates are great, but, at least for me, one of the most important is to get Wacom control, especially when masking!!
Really looking forward to that.

It’s nice to see the crop tool but I don’t like the tool icons on the bottom of the interface. It’s too close to my taskbar. Can they be moved to the top or better yet give users the option as others might like it down there?

What seems odd is once you open the crop tool on the image you cannot reposition it. I found out quite by accident that you have to move the image behind the crop outline. That seems backwards to me.

Love the navigator!

You guys/gals are doing a great job.

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lack of sharpness when opening a tif picture,
no problem with studio 1
plugins photoshop problem passing directly on studio 2 no problem

If I use Resize after a Crop, it still gives the original size, and after resizing, if trying to resize again, it is still based on the original size and not the new one.

Other than that I have liked the addition of the Crop, Navigate, and Histogram icons, but agree with Kathy that having them down close to the toolbar is not the ideal position.

TS2 is making a lot of progress and will soon step over that need that many of us have for using it as a plug-in.

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My update went as expected without any issues.
I imported some PNG files into the Texture filter and found that there is no way I can use this in my work flow. The texture will expand to the size of the image so When I resize the texture it has a copy of the image into the texture, loosing the transparency. This didn’t happen in TS 1, it kept the transparency

This is a quick text

The issue I raised about Crop not changing the reported size seems to be only with the stand-alone. With the plug-in cropping changes the size appropriately. However, with the plug-in, the Ctrl-R for resize is grayed out.

I was notified of updates when I booted up Studio 2 and they installed quickly and easily.

The new features are working as they should, and I appreciate having the addition of the navigator.

This a very minor thing, and I do feel I’m being picky here, but when you do a rotation, the double end arrowhead icon correctly displays when you are rotating from the right hand side, but when you go to the left hand side, they are facing the same direction as the ones on the right side. Functionally they work fine, however they just look a little bit strange pointing off to the left away from the image versus to the right, and therefore facing the image.

Resize is not available in plugin mode due to constraints by many host editors for the image to remain the same size

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I’m curious though, if crop is resizing it, does it still go back to PS correctly. Might have to not allow it in PS mode :frowning:

For me and some others it’s just the other way round. When opening an image in standalone app images look good (i.e. as sharp as they should). Just when sending the same images to the plugin version of Studio 2 (2.0.7) they are immensely blurred.
See thread Blurry image in Topaz Studio 2 (plug-in of PS)
This affects not only Photoshop but Affinity Photo, too.