Batch processing failures since 4.0

EDIT: It would appear that this issue has been addressed in this thread: Video AI 4.10 (PC) Export errors after first exported file - happy to delete this thread if needs be. Apologies for the duplication.

Hi, I have been having issues since the release of 4.0 (now on 4.2.0) on both my old Windows machine and a new machine. Video AI will get to the end of a file and process it successfully, and then all the following files in the queue will fail with an error. As you can imagine, this is extremely frustrating because it means I can only process one file at a time, and have to “babysit” if I want the next file done!

System profile:
DxDiag.txt (115.4 KB)

Latest log (I stopped a process in the middle, so please ignore this!):
2024-03-10-10-48-17-Main.tzlog (3.9 MB)

Earlier log files:
2024-03-06-09-05-30-Main.tzlog (5.2 MB)
2024-03-06-17-57-49-Main.tzlog (14.1 MB)
2024-03-07-19-17-5-Main.tzlog (18.1 MB)
2024-03-09-12-19-32-Main.tzlog (29.8 KB)
2024-03-09-15-39-55-Main.tzlog (5.4 MB)

Screenshot of behaviour: (I was processing a file and had manually set the one below it to process again, the rest in the queue had all been gone through with errors):

I hope the info provided is of some use. Many thanks.

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