Batch Editing (1K+ -> 17K+) Soft-locks (No Progress Display)

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Load any number of images above 501+ (many more may be needed) in one drop, and usually it becomes really impossible to wait for Topaz Photo AI to finally process them all at once when “Select All” and then “Apply > Current Settings to Selected Images” is activated.
  2. Wait a long time.
  3. Check back see no visual signs of activity.
  4. Wish Batch editing processing had a progress bar, or a list of activity active & finished.
  5. Try again until a low enough batch number of images.

2a. Watch Topaz Photo AI never finish processing the edits and since there is no status progress bar suffer forever even hours later. (I’ve tried with 17K+ of pictures at once and yeah this happened, had to lower to under a 2K+1 of # of images 512x512)–It takes forever if it even finishes (with no progress meter visible to confirm if higher #s work)

Extra - There really needs to be a progress bar or some status indicating what is happening just kinda looks stuck even if it somehow is still (maybe) processing, Windows Task Manager doesn’t even have a real way to show Photo AI making progress.

Extra Extra - Can the Image Gallery (of active imports) be expandable (with expander pull bar), and a way to see more than just a tiny vertical sliver, or maybe a “Page” vs “Infinite Scroll” option can be added as an additional option. Scrolling through 17K+ images is kinda a pain.

Dropped in a folder containing 17K+ images then followed steps above and the application usually stops showing any signs of doing anything, and sometimes after a LONG time it finally completes, sometimes, never any indicator that anything is actually happening.

Topaz Photo AI [v3.0.1] on [Windows]

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We appreciate this feedback and suggestion for the progress bar while batch processing. There is a task for the development team to address this memory leak issue while batch processing. While there is no exact timeline currently I can assure you that our developers are working hard to find a solution to this problem.

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Oh, thanks for the quick reply, and update, that’s good to hear!

Also related, its is actually still currently in the process of (Face Enhance, Upscaling from 512x512 to x6) and taking hours 7+ (at 7897 out of 17393 images processed, using 11GB+ though the memory was constraints by my computer so it couldn’t exceed that as it was capped at 0gb being available before I finally closed down other programs).

Side Note: Can you ask the team to add Windows Sleep prevention while Batch Output Processing is running, and also make sure the same is done for Batch Mass Editing? Windows fell asleep during both.

Side Side Note: Please see if Project Saves are on the roadmap, for resuming obnoxiously large/convoluted projects, pretty please!!

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Wonderful news, quite a while ago it did finish importing most/all of the images then during a Topaz Photo AI crash… I was able to finish it by simply only selecting the remaining pictures (needed for export) and reimporting them into Topaz Photo AI and now after a really long few days, its finally done turning 1GB zip of images into a really overkill (and pointless) 1TB worth of images (512x512, 6X upscale with some face detail recovery). Now I just need to finally actually finish that project, sigh.

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