Batch Cropping Based on Selected Ratio -Topaz Photo AI V2.4.2

Topaz AI Version 2.4.2 (Windows)

I’d like to batch cropping all selected images to the same ratio and size, but after crop one image and defined its upscale size (defined image width and height), use Apply Current Settings to Selected Images, the Crop ratio didn’t apply to other images, they still show Original ratio. And image size defined were not applied to other images as well.

Be able to batch cropping based on selected ratio is very important to my workflow, I’d prefer not to choose another tool for just batch cropping purpose, that would be great to have batch cropping in Topaz AI.

Please fix the issue soon if possible, so the batch cropping based on selected ratio can be achieved.

Steps to reproduce issue:

Upload multiple images, select one image, Crop it after select a ratio, for example, 2:3. Then, Select All, right click on this selected image -->Apply–> Current settings to selected images, check other images ratio and size, you’ll see the issue.

Is this still an issue, I have a ‘similar’ issue possibly but only when batch editing a few hundred or a ‘few’ thousand images at once using the ‘Select All’ and Editing all feature. Is this similar?

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