Autopilot stuck on face detection

The autopilot is stuck in the face detection with a picture of a human and a few dogs. It start spinning and spinning but never complete this task.

No other options is available to use to skip this step or bypass it so it can complete the autopilote.


I have the same problem. Ver TopazPhotoAI-2.3.0 works, but starting with ver TopazPhotoAI-2.3.1 and also ver TopazPhotoAI-2.3.2 I cannot get past the Detecting faces. I have uninstalled, reinstalled with with Antivirus and VPN turned off, but still it is broken. It has worked for years, so don’t know why it suddenly broke.
If anyone has ideas, I would be glad to try them out.

I have the same problem with Topaz Photo AI in Windows 11, Lightroom Classic.

I also have this problem.


Same behavior here. Software is actually unusable as it never ends to hang.

Same here.

Yep me too. Reinstalled without antivirus etc but stalls at face recognition. Works if no faces detected

Same problem here. I wonder why we don’t get any replay from Topaz?

Go in preferences where you will turn off face detection. That doesn’t solve the face detection problem but it allows you to use the other features of Photo Ai.

I have the same problem. No face detection. I did notice in the menu sidebar that face detection is licked. Maybe this has something to do with it?

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Please take a look at this forum where a resolution to this issue is provided

I too am having the same issue. Topaz, we’d appreciate a fix with the next update. Thanks.

same issue here, what do I do, flip the image upside down?

I have the same issue with version 2.3.2

I have the same issue with version 2.3.2 … updated today

The same problem

Same problem here. Only when there are faces on the photo. Is there any bypass for Detecting Faces in Autopilot?