Apollo squares!

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Whoa! Apollo (v. 3.1.9) suddenly starts to divide the scene up in odd squares at certain spots! It’s unsuable in this state.

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Honestly, this sucks. :frowning: The frame interpolation processes take ages to complete. In Europe (where I live) pulling 450W+, for over 24 hours. costs a pretty penny these days, as electricity prices have skyrocketed since the war in the Ukraine. Having to toss your video job, half-way thru, because you detect an egregious error, is less fun than one might think.

@meimeiriver The Apollo model is recommended when creating a slo mo output at a factor of 4x or more. I would switch to Chronos Fast for this use case.

We are working on a new frame interpolation model which can be accessed by joining the Video Beta Tester.

Thanks for getting back to me. :slight_smile: I already tried it with Chronos Fast, but that yielded the following error (also reported in Beta):

floor mishap

And I am already a beta tester, btw. :slight_smile: Is new Apollo in the new alpha version?

that contradicts your post , where you guys state that Apollo should be used for anything below x8, including x4 and x2
which one is correct? your statement here or the post?


Reference: https://community.topazlabs.com/t/video-roadmap-update-march-2023

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Hmm, saying they’re ‘quite satisfied’ with their frame interpolation, is quite disturbing, honesty. I alone sent them 2 samples of egregious frame interpolation errors, both in Apollo and Chronos Fast – the kind of errors that make you need to throw away the resultant videos.

The official reply, “I’ll switch to Chronos Fast” is a denial of Apollo, and there is no commitment to fix Apollo, Topaz probably thinks that frame interpolation is the treatment of single-scene fixed shots.

If it is the old Apollo, although the effect is worse, there is no color shift and no blocks, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected downgrades; the later Apollo, which doesn’t care about color shift or the blocks in the transition, can also be used; the current Apollo, any position there may be squares, I will not use them.

It is in v3.1.7b (Apollo soft) :slight_smile:

Not at all the case :slight_smile: We are constantly training models and are aware of several frame interpolation issues which we are working to correct. We have a new model in Beta that may replace one of the current models.

Apollo pecializes in non-linear motion and slightly blurry inputs. Generate 8 interpolated frames per run.

Only recommended when slowing files down by 4x or 8x.