Apollo Framerate Conversion „Scene“-Cut Artifacts

I have Problems using Apollo Framerate Conversion!

I always get Artifacts on the Cut-Points where a Scene Change happens!

Topaz could you please fix this Issues?

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Topaz recommends using Chronos-Fast for frame Conversion.


Apollo is best to use for Slow-Motion x4/x8.
Topaz do not recommend using Apollo when working with factors lower than 4x.
Slow-Motion of x2 or beyond x8 , “Chronos” should be used

Even with Cronos-Fast the Scene Cuts get Artifacts :thinking:

There is no scene detection for any of the interpolation models yet, it’s been requested already:


Just wanted to chime in and confirm that our dev team is working on implementing scene change detection for the interpolation models to prevent the frame-blending artifacts that sometimes occur during processing of multi-scene videos.

Thanks for your patience while we look into these model errors.


That would be awesome. Right now my processing time is tripled when working around this, and fixing this directly in the software would make the entire process so much more efficient.

My process currently for using TVAI as a frame-rate converter (frame interpolator) is as follows:

  1. Run a frame analysis on the clip to detect the frames that designate scene changes (custom program).
  2. Split the source clip into a set of per-scene clips.
  3. Run TVAI on each scene clip.
  4. Concatenate the TVAI processed scene clips.
  5. Mux the original audio into the concatenated clip.

Because the TVAI process takes a long time to start, the GPU is idle for 50 - 70% of the time, which means processing the scenes serially this way compared to solving it directly in TVAI takes 2-3 times longer.

I can’t run several TVAI processes in parallel either to ensure the GPU is always busy (to offset the TVAI bootup time), since a single TVAI process uses most of the GPU memory. Machine BSOD when trying to parallelize the TVAI processing due to running out of GPU memory. So single-threaded processing is the only option.

I see there is the status set as „resolved“…?

But this Bugfix is still not available, or have I missed something?

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I don’t think this should be marked as resolved until scene change detection is actually implemented for the interpolation models.


This thread was marked Resolved as an error during our assignment of forum threads to reply to, it has been updated and we are still in the process of implementing scene change detection in Video AI to resolve this issue.


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Hi :wink:
When the “Scene Detection” is available in Video AI? :slight_smile:

We do not have an exact timeline at this time, however, we are hoping to provide scene detection in the next few months :slight_smile:

Are there any News for “Scene”-Cut Detection?
When this will finally solved?


6 months ago they said it was being worked on and still we have no progress on this.

I’m patient but this is getting ridiculous.

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Hello! So any news on scene detection?

Hello ida, do you have an ETA for that? Are you gonna work on this soon?

This feature is still in the process of being worked out. For reference on what is being worked on and what is on the horizon please check the Roadmap section and the release notes under the latest release.