AI Video Enhance with new GPU 3090 RTX?

This is a question mostly directed to the team behind the AI Video Enhance program, i am currently running an overclocked 2080TI with a custom cooler and getting around 0.27/sec per frame when upscailing DVD 4:3 video.

I am wondering, what exactly is giving the most increase in performance for this program? The new nvidia 3090 card is boasting extra memory (24gb) but also a lot more processing power on the tensorflow and rtx, but as for cuda cores they say it’s double but it’s more that one cuda on the new 3000 series have some type of hyperthreading so i don’t think you can count on it being the exact twice performance in cuda calculations.

Damn i went so long… My question is really just, do you guys think its worth investing in a 3090 GPU for AI Video Enhance to render faster or do you think the performance will not be that much more? (Most of the reviews when they come out will most likely just focus on gaming and that’s something i don’t do)

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As long as no integers are calculated but floating point numbers, Ampere can implement its FP32 increased power

As soon as integers come through Ampere falls down to Turing speed.

The way I saw it, you can compare the AI software from Topaz more to render software, so when the reviews come you can orientate yourself a bit on it.

I expect a good performance increase.

I look also to get a 3090 this time and not a Quadro card.

I did a lot of testing for the last 3 days and the differences are so small that they really dont matter.

The Upside for Quadro is: Very Good Drivers, Very Good Hardware (Best Chips) (Runs not as hot als Geforce), ECC and Support you can chat with any time.

But maybe after half a year I am of a different opinion, who knows.

that’s a great tip, thanks. hopefully we’ll see some actual reviews before release, it seems the 3090 chips will be very hard to get after release because samsung has problems with the 8nm manufacturing process and only the finest wafers are good enough for the 3090

expecting 3090 to sell out instantly and then not be on the shelves until early next year

The shortness of boards is a rumor.

Something gets released today @ 15:00 Berlin time, maybe a overclocking tool. (Update: No its LDAT)

But I don’t know if I dreamed that or if I really read it. I really enjoy rumors.

I think I read somewhere in June that they probably brake ampere artificially and that the brakes are opened in October.

But this time they really have to make a fuss so they can sell as much as possible, the consoles have really attractive prices. (aber darum geht es uns ja nicht)

On my side i would have to get Capture One export twice as fast, same for Luminace layers in CO. Since 2015 i couldn’t get more out of it and the only thing that works here are dual gpus (CO scales with cuda cores) and memory bandwidth, at amp 3090 we would have both.

Look at a Tensorflow Benchmark @ Puget Systems.

The 3080 is twice as fast as a 2080.

But it wasn’t really optimised for this Linux Bench, they did use an old one.

3090 is targeted at Creatives, its the new Titan. Look at the GA102 whitepaper.