AI Video Enhance with new GPU 3090 RTX?

AMD R9 5950X 16CORE, 32G DDR4 3600MHZ, RTX 3070 8G, STRIX X570-E GAMING, SSD 980 PRO 500G, ALL PCIE4.0
0.09SEC/FRAME 720X480 TO 1920X1080

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you upscaled to 1080p
i upscaled to 4K

so the results are not compareable

p.s. i see 0.07spf often upscaling to 1080p, it mostly depends on the source, model and parallel tasks

i did not see anyone had 0.07s/f. that is not the point !
i suggest you try to change to more core cpu. even the best graphics card cannot do all the work alone.
it is up to you.

my rtx3090 runs on a i9-10900K with 32gb 4266 ram on z490 chipset, pcie-3
alle upscaling drives are 2TB samsung pro nvme with 3500/3300 mbyte/sek

thats just perfect for upscaling. btw. my cpu never goes over 50% while upscaling.
professional hardware magazines say the difference of pcie-3 to pci2-4 is less than 2%

i have no idea why you are suggesting a hardware upgrade.

If you are satisfied with the results of this configuration then it is fine.

i still dont get what you want to tell me.

yes, i was disappointed by my first results of the “hurting” expensive RTX3090
it was not really worth the money for the small advantage over my first RTX3070

BUT since i am aware of running 3 parallel VEAI instances at the same time, what in the end results in at least 90%+ gpu load and saves me “hours, days and weeks” of rendering time already, i am just fine.

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Is there any interest in a project using a standard set of test video clips for us all to run the comparison against?

I’m thinking back to the early days of PC performance testin before all theses suites of test software when we would all run the same agreed upon input and settings and compare scores. (and rank a little too)