A description of the impact and use of each AI model?




All the AI models have great names but I wish I there was a deeper description of what each is meant to do. I could experiment with each but that might be a slow process. I was hoping that somewhere there might be a document that describes the full purpose of each model.



I agree with you that better documentation is well desired.
documentation is not the strong part of this product or any other products from Topaz.
I guess the best documentation on those you can read here: but that even lacks information.

I would say in general “Proteus” is the mainstream “Standard” 1st line treatment you should go with.
“Artemis” is more for poor quality or really grainy image - it recovers a lot but also destroys lots of details and make the image more “cartoonish” IMO.
Gaia is for high quality videos, but at lower resolution and need resolution bump.
the Dione: presets are for interlaced videos. I also found using it for Progressive scan videos being very good retaining image quality and details.



In addition to our online documentation, the app has built-in tooltips for most functions that provide additional information on the strengths and applications of each AI model.