5.03 keeps reverting to Trial mode and won't load preview models

all I get is an error message when I try to preview a model

Every time I start the program it reverts to trial mode until I reactivate it

2017 iMac Pro running OS 14.4.1

any ideas?

Are you running any anti-virus or VPN apps that could be clearing the login and auth.tpz file from your system when you close the app? It sounds like you are being logged out everytime you close the app.

nothing that I wasn’t using in the earlier versions, been using the program for a few years now. And why no ability to preview models?

Can you share the logs from the app? I want to see what is going on and why you are not able to run a preview with a clip. You should be able to click the preview option and select a timeframe for the app to process for review before exporting.

which logs? I upgraded to 5.0.4 and it still defaults to trial mode and won’t load models.
And could you send a link to download the last version of 4? This is pretty annoying. Version 5 is unusable as is.

Any logs that you have from when the app loaded up in trial mode and wont load models.

Here is the link to the last version of Video AI 4.

thx. I manually downloaded the models and they still won’t work. Where would I find the logs you mentioned?

Logs can be found under the Help tab>logging>get logs for support and then the entire zipped folder can be attached here or sent to help@topazlabs.com and the support staff can review them.