4.2.0 not launching

Have recently paid for an upgrade to 4.20 and the application now wont launch at all. Have tried the uninstall from Windows, and also from the install launcher with reboot and registry cleaning, no luck.
Have tried rolling back all the way to version 4.00 with no luck but previous versions prior 4.20 are now giving the “Prcedure entry point” error.

Running a full spec-out Razer 18", windows 11 RTX 4090 and 64gb Ram with 8TB HD space.

Anyone facing the same issue? resolved the issue?


I had the same problem last week. Did you try navigating to your binaries (i.e., c:\program files\topaz labs llc) and deleting the entire directory structure before reinstalling? I think the problem I had is that the uninstaller wasn’t doing it. Check my thread for “Video AI Not Launching” if you haven’t already seen it.