Video AI stopped launching

Ever since upgrading to 4.2.0, Video AI doesn’t launch. There is no error; just nothing happens. Nothing in the event log. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I have 32 GB of RAM and a 2080ti with 11 GB on Windows 11. GPU-Z screen is attached. I’ve seen other people with this complaint, but I’ve not seen a resolution. I humbly ask the community, any ideas?

This probably won’t help, but after TVAI fails to start, look in Task Manager to see if anything Topaz appears in Apps or either of the Services lists. If it does, end it everywhere you see it and then try again.

That’s an excellent idea, and thank you for the suggestion. I did look, and sadly, it is not there.
I also installed 2.6.4, and that works fine. Then I let 2.6.4 install 3.0, which does not work. I get a DLL error upon launch. So, something seems messed up that an uninstall won’t fix. I’d rather not reinstall the entire OS, although that is one option.

If an upgrade fails, the thing to try is downloading the full install file for the new version and doing an uninstall/reinstall. But it appears you’ve already tried that. You can also try running a registry cleaning tool and hunting down and manually deleting any remaining Topaz files or folders on your system drive. And reboot in between uninstalls and reinstalls.

I’d recommend doing a full uninstall of the installer and files and then get a fresh download from your “My Products" page.

Thank you. Following your suggestion, I was able to make it work. Here are the details for anyone else who has this problem:

  1. Download the latest version of Video AI.
  2. Launch that msi file and uninstall the application from there (don’t use add/remove programs).
  3. Reboot.
  4. Go into c:\program files\topaz labs llc\ and delete the entire topaz video AI directory.
  5. Launch the msi file above and install the application.

I was surprised that the topaz video AI directory and all the files in step 4 were still there after step 2, so maybe manually deleting them helped. So glad the fix was pretty quick. Thanks @margaux.topazlabs and @gene-8240 !

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