1.2.2 Colored artifacts in bright and dark areas

PHAI causes colored artifacts in bright and dark areas.

These are “probably” due to a faulty RAW conversion, since perhaps it was not set what should happen with clipped areas (too bright, too dark).

There are algorythms that prevent these artifacts.
They should be part of libraw.

In the thread of 1.2.2 are photos related to the topic to be found.

I noticed it during tests with images (from Ther Image Resource) from the Fujifilm GFX 100s (RAF files), so I can’t post the images here.

I haven’t checked any other RAW regarding this problem.

The images are also converted to bright.

By the way, 1.2.2 was a huge improvement in the handling of RAW to DNG.

I can even use it in Capture One now.

Probably a final problem.

Hey Thomas,

We’ve narrowed down this artifact to the Raw Remove Noise Normal model and have collected example images.

We are working on retraining the Raw Remove Noise models to prevent these artifacts. For now, using the Strong model instead will prevent them as well.

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