Would like to revert back from Version 7

MaybeVerssion7 is OK, but I am unable to do anything but double the size of the image. Never had this issue before. Really would prefer to revert back to old version. How can I go about doing that? I am on a Mac running 12.7.2. It seems doubling is all I can do. Is there a size limit? If so I never ran into that before.

This is a link from Support that I received after asking essentially the same question ( I have not yet tried it though.)

Every release has been and is posted on this forum in the Releases section for the product …

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Since I am a very long time user of Topaz applications I have never hd to revert backward. Version 7 definitely is NOT working, I have tried it as stand alone and inside Photoshop. I use a empty scratch drive as my extra "memory and I have 32 gb of ram and at the time of use, its the only application running on the computer. My assumption is Version 7 wants either a lot more ram, or it wants the latest OS, which in my case I am topped out at OS 12.7.2. Not saying version 7 is bad, not at all. I know that right now with the silicon chipped computers there are a lot of applications having issues we’ve never seen before. FYI, I am a 40 year Mac user and I have been using Topaz applications since they came out.

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