Working with Photo AI at the end of the license

Hi, my license (windows) was running till yesterday.
Today, Photo AI 2.1.2 won´t save the changes in pictures and later its only open in Demo-Modus.
The other modules work correctly.
Is this normal ??


You need to be signed into your account

Thanks Andrew,
i´ve signed in many times, but it wasn´t helpful. I should pay ore can still use it in Demo-Version.:angry:

It shouldn’t be that way. It clearly states this on the following page: User Licenses and Upgrade Licenses | Account & Sales

Your user license for any Topaz Labs program gets you access to the current version, plus complimentary upgrades for one year.

After one year, you can continue using what you already own or purchase additional upgrades.

So, if you owned a copy of the program and are logged in, it should re-activate your product - even if your subscription has reached its end. It should only not work for versions that came out after your subscription ended.

Yes, but its dosn´t work. I´m owner of Version 2.1.2 and signed me succesful in my account. But I can only work with the Demo-Version ore should pay 79 Euro🤨.
Sharpen and Denoise AI works normaly.

@tim.he Can you help esceoe?

Was the support able to help you solve your problem?

Hi, we are working at the problem. Still without success

Please make a complete uninstall and a clean re-install of the application!

Hi, this I tried first last week. Thanks

And we come to an end: After one week with no sucess today I paid the required 74 dollar.
And then - all works fine.

That´s not okay.

best regards

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please contact for further assistance. :eyes:

I´m in contact with 3 different people from the support since a week.
In german it´s called “Spiegelfechterei”

Ach so, Du sprichst Deutsch. Sag’ das doch gleich! :slight_smile:

Was genau haben die denn gesagt?

Ich kann mir auch beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen, dass das ein generelles Problem ist, da das bisher der einzige Bericht in diese Richtung ist, den ich gesehen habe.

Hallo, naja Screenshots und Logs schicken. Virenscanner, Defender etc abschalten, Registry säubern, Browser wechseln. Was man so schon von selber macht. Datenbank, openSSL checken. Dann konnte ich v 2.1.3 installieren. Hat aber alles nicht geholfen, die Aktivierung war im Browser erfolgreich, aber im Programm auf dem Rechner nie. Dann sollte ich heute ein Filmchen von Log in und Aktivierung schicken. Da bin ich dann doch mal auf den Buy-Button, der hat sofort funktioniert. Und nach der Überweisung von 74 Dollar (steht dieser Preis für die Verlängerung irgendwo??) hat AI sofort wieder funktioniert. Das Problem liegt ganz sicher nicht bei mir. Vielleicht ein Versuchsballon? In meinen Augen jedenfalls unseriös.

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