Windows Defender says Topaz Photo Ai includes virus

When installing the latest upgrade Windows 11 indicated there is a Virus in the file Integrations.dll. It places it in quarantaine and consequently Photo AI failes to start.
I used the previous downloaded version, but now has the same problem (it didn’t have earlier). Microsoft must have changed the virus definitions now, to include the above file.
I assume it is a false flag, but nonetheless, I cannot use Photo AI now.

What is the virus it claims to have recognized and is it in quarantine? Doesn’t seem to be an issue on my Win 11 machine.

Did you download the update from Topaz through the application or from another source?

I can’t access my laptop now, but it was something like it is in quarantaine. I did the update from the PhotoAI app, and the downloaded file was from the Topaz site. A further scan by windows defender found nothing.

Do a full scan of your PC as there are no positives on my Win 11 (2) PCs. I suspect you have a virus on your PC infecting other DLLs rather than EXEs.

You can see a description at:!ml&ThreatID=2147780203

Note it usually comes from junk email attachments or malicious torrents.

Please copy the file that is getting quarantined and upload it to this website:

Please take a screenshot of what it says and send it to me.

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