Why does Video Ai fails with following error

Hello All,
I am getting error while trying to run video enhance with following parameters

Here is the error i got
i recently updated my topaz ai to version 3.1.4

It’s trying to use the hardware encoder for H264, but for some reason doesn’t know what hardware (Graphics Processing Unit) you have.

i currently have 4080. my Nvidia graphics including cuda drivers are all updated.

You have it set to use that in Preferences? Other than that, I have no more ideas of how to fix it. (Besides the usual cop-out reinstall TVAI idea.)

Hi @rhs4shr,

This is not a bug that we’re able to reproduce on our end, please create a new ticket at support.topazlabs.com and our Video AI specialist will be in touch with you.

Please include your logs and your system profile when you reach out.