Where to download Topaz Video AI 3.0 from?

Where to download Topaz Video AI 3.0 from?

I’m trying to upgrade from my current 2.6.4 to 3.0.

When I go to Topaz Video AI v3.0: Rebuilt with a new stabilization model, smarter workflows, and improved video enhancement capabilities
and clicked 'Try Topaz Video AI v.3.0 today, the page went to ‘Download a free trial’, which took me to this page Topaz Video AI

clicking on ‘Try for free’, it downloaded 3.3.5. I tried again a few days later, and it downloaded 3.3.9.

Both installed OK, but neither of them would open/run. Tried double clicking the ‘Topaz Video AI.exe’, tried ‘run as admin’, tried running via the start menu…nothing worked.

My system runs 2.6.4 now OK(slow, but it runs), maybe the 3.3.5 and 3.3.9 are too resource intensive for my system?

I thought I’d try 3.0 to see if that would work. But I can’t seem to find anywhere to download it.

I went to Download
and saw 2.6.4 under ‘Previous Versions’. Then I noticed at the bottom of the page ‘Legacy Programs’.

Under Video AI, I clicked on Download and Install’…it downloaded 3.3.9

Once Topaz comes out with a new version, do they NOT make prior versions available?

Anyone have the 3.0 download link?


Eh, found it in the forum for 3.0 Topaz Video AI v3.0.0

v3.0.0 is ancient history now, the latest release is 3.3.9:

BTW if you just go to the release section you will always see all the versions available: