What is the future of the individual apps after Photo AI?

Being able to make manual settings in PAI is good. In PAI, I don’t see an option for comparison view allowing the results of different models can be compared on the same screen (as offered in the individual apps). I use this feature most of the time because you can’t always predict which model is best what you are trying to achieve. The different model results can be subtle and it helps to see them all on the same screen. I notice some models (e.g. Low Light for denoise) are missing from PAI. I prefer interaction to automation, and to make my own decisions on what works best creatively. This is a good discussion and I want to thank contributors for the helpful comments.

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You’re right. The Comparison View in the other AI products is absolutely valuable to assess which model to choose before making additional settings refinements. It should become an integral component of PAI too.


Thanks for mentioning this! The ability to adjust Autopilot preferences is available in V2 and later.

I’m having the same issue too. Photo AI is reproducing the jagged lines while Gigapixel just restores it with bold lines. RIP Gigapixel. We miss you.


Photo AI


But seriously, it looks like Photo AI didn’t do anything except enlarge.

That PAI version looks pretty shocking you are right, it just looks like a zoom

Here is a straight 4x enlargement with Photo AI v.2 that worked for me.


I don’t see any jaggies until I zoom in 300%

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Please reach out at support.topazlabs.com using the beacon at the bottom right corner of the page. They’ll be able to help you process any due refunds for unused renewal licenses.

Thanks for sharing, this is the expected behavior.

Can you upload the original so I can test it as well?

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Thanks, I got the same jaggedness as you. Can you try processing it as a JPG?

If you mean saving it as a jpeg and processing it thru PAI, I did not see any changes. But truth be told, every image is different so I guess you have to expect different results.

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One of our developers replied to your post specifically about this image.

Why is the PAI rendering so blurry …

the image was enlarged outside of PAI. Shrinking it by 4x produced these results:


That looks much crisper and what we expect out of Photo AI.

Hope this might help someone looking to purchase Photo AI and/or the individual apps - Gigapixel, Sharpen and DeNoise - and provide a bit more clarity.

My question to Topaz Labs:

*Hi, would you please confirm if Photo AI does everything that each of the individual apps do. If not, what is the ETA for this to occur? Also, what are the additional benefits of the (no longer developed) individual apps - Gigapixel AI, DeNoise AI & Sharpen AI? *

I am trying to decide whether to buy Photo AI, or the individual apps, or both.

Response from Topaz Labs (Justin Hedrick):

Topaz Photo AI was created to ultimately replace all of the individual applications you’ve listed but many of our users still prefer to have these applications for their own workflows, typically when integrating with Photoshop or Lightroom. Ultimately, it’s a personal preference.

You are correct that DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI will no longer be receiving updates but Gigapixel AI will be in the coming months, with more information to be released soon.


Sometimes it helps to reduce the pixel size of the image to bring the detail density closer to the pixel density before processing!

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