What is the future of the individual apps after Photo AI?

Are Sharpen, Gigapixel and Denoise going to still be developed? I cannot run Photo AI on my machine as it does not have AVX. If the older apps are not going to be developed moving forward, I guess I will have to cough up and get a newer machine.

On the flip side, does Photo AI fully replace the older apps? Can you make manual changes if you wish?

Appreciate any advice.

I hope they sort out the actual AI model(s) before they fully mothball the other products… I still find it hit/miss in Photo AI vs GigaPixel. It seems to be slowly improving, but definitely not there yet (maybe not even close) to where I can confidently say Photo AI is better than GigaPixel every time.

Yeah I tried it on another PC and the results did not wow me compared to the separate apps.

But even so if they ARE going to mothball the oldies, I am going to have to cough up for a new PC :(.

So again… are they? And why I guess. I prefer the ability to tweak and not work on autopilot.

I continue to get much better results with the standalone products. I hope Topaz continues their development.

If PhotoAI were Topaz’ only image processing product, I’d look elsewhere.

Yeah it’s great to be able to run on autopilot and I am sure it’s a good selling point for many people, but I have always found that the more tweaks you can make, the better you can deal with each individual problem.