What does VEAI performance look like between AMD/NVIDIA?

really a shame that many pascal cards (not all - GP100 Pascal cards do have 2/1 FP16) where focused on FP32 speeds… Loved my K80 for FP64 stuff back then :slight_smile:

Bandwidth is king.
In 2017 Raja Kodury said that people should look at the bandwith.
Raja is a computing Guy, not a Gamer, GCN is still veey strong in Compute.

hello! I have an rx 6900 xt, and the performance is crazy! compared to my gtx 1660, it’s day and night :slight_smile:


I’m not surprised at all.

I can’t decide if I want a W6800 or a RX 6900, drivers can be used the same but support for gaming cards is not good (if there are driver problems), there was a bug in the Nvidia driver from june to july that caused TL software to block (please check drivers) and I was (maybe) the only one to contact Nvidia about it…

Thought at the time that someone else will get in touch, so it took almost three months.

indeed in the bench tests with this rx 6900 xt, I saw 140 fps on gta v in ultra quality, but for my part, I get 60 fps, which is not huge for this card, then afterwards for veai, I don’t know which is better between the rx 6900 xt or a 3080, 3080 ti from nvidia …

For VEAI, It seem that RX6900XT is slightly faster than RTX3090.

CPU bottleneck I believe. What is your CPU?

i think to, it’s a ryzen 7 2700, old cpu =/

Then you need an upgrade. I recommend 12900K and DDR5 ram if you can buy. Or DDR4 ram is still okay.

Sorry if what i post is not related but im just log in and cannot start a post so i have to ask here.
Can anyone post me this topic for me?I wonder if using older version of topaz video enchance that doesn’t require model downloaded have any detail benefit over new version that require model download(especially both version have the same gaia v5)?
The reason i ask is because i recently tried 2 version of gigapixel.One doesn’t require model download and one is and i find out that lastest version spend too much time download model it is so slow i have to uninstall both version and go back to the older one.

I also want to know how to open more than 1 instance for both video enchance and gigapixel.Is it as simple as run different version at the same time?

With VEAI: Simply open another instance, there is no “trick”… just start another one.
Haven´t had the need for this in Gigapixel, I´d assume it works the same way…

Regarding models:

Models are trained all the time. In some cases, an older model can fit your needs better in one specific usecase than a more recent one - but no one can tell you, you will have to judge yourself for your usecase, your footage, etc…

older installers came with more models included, recent ones tend to “download if needed”…

Do you have an offline situation or limited bandwith? Are you aware of the download manager?

My laptop is GTX 1060.

Since you seem to have experience with cpu/gpu bottlenecks
I’m currently using a virtual machine with a passthrough gpu (3080 ti) and cpu is Epyc 7402P (3.3Ghz when upscaling)
Would upgrading to something like threadripper pro (which has higher single core around 4.3Ghz make sense) or should i try and get a seperate machine just for doing upscales instead of in my hypervisor.
I was also planning on going for 6900xt and putting the 3080ti in my gaming system

You should use AMD GPU + Intel CPU for upscaling works. Nvidia + Intel or AMD Ryzen for gaming. More cores won’t benefit you as you may think. I would say, stop at 16 cores and get the best single core CPU you can get. The upcoming Ryzen 9 gen 4 might be a good idea, or Intel i9 12900KS.

Oh thanks, atm it’s more that i also run vm’s with other stuff on the system (+ quite a few pcie cards)
altho now with everything i’m reading i might end up making a seperate system for it.
Still have to figure out where to put it and stuff so i might need to go the threadripper route (not the high corecount versions just the extra pcie lanes and quite a bit faster than my epyc cpu)

Do you have any idea if running veai in a virtual machine degrades performance a lot?

Yes, the performance will be worse than the real machine due to some limitations from the VMs.

Nvidia has been hacked.


I am highly enthusiastic about it (not), do not download any software from anywhere else that supposedly increases performance.

It is not even sure that the next drivers are free of malware.

Better wait a bit with the next updates.

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Yeah, I’m gonna sit the next round of updates out. :slight_smile:

Apple M1 ULTRA steps in.

Its GPU should have 20 Teraflops (theory).

I’m still in search for real world numbers for M1 Max.

What does it look like for VEAI?

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